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How to check if Cassandra is corrupted on the Managed node?


  • Open the Cassandra log file, usually located in :/opt/dynatrace-managed/cassandra/log/cassandra.log
  • Check if there are any corrupted messages in logs like those below
ERROR [CompactionExecutor:544] 2019-02-19 13:26:55,920 - Exception in thread Thread[CompactionExecutor:544,1,main] Corrupted: /metricsDisk/cassandra/ruxitdb/Ts2Final01Min-967699b0f56011e7ad0403861a5cb15c/ruxitdb-Ts2Final01Min-ka-356332-Data.db
ERROR [CompactionExecutor:566] 2019-02-19 13:30:20,207 - Exception in thread Thread[CompactionExecutor:566,1,main] Corrupted: /metricsDisk/cassandra/ruxitdb/Ts2Volatile01Min-960efe40f56011e7ad0403861a5cb15c/ruxitdb-Ts2Volatile01Min-ka-65282-Data.db
ERROR [CompactionExecutor:564] 2019-02-19 14:05:25,489 - Exception in thread Thread[CompactionExecutor:564,1,main] Corrupted: /metricsDisk/cassandra/ruxitdb/Ts2Final01Min-967699b0f56011e7ad0403861a5cb15c/ruxitdb-Ts2Final01Min-ka-345130-Data.db
  • Corrupted files where the filename contains Ts are not critical, since only time-series data is involved (like the sample from above).
  • Corrupted files where the filename contains Me are critical since configuration data is involved. An example of such file name would be following

In such cases, Cassandra must be repaired!

Note timezone in Cassandra logs is the local time of the host Cassandra is running at

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Thank you @bharat_pitta for this troubleshooting tip/trick 🙂 

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