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Dynatrace Organizer
Dynatrace Organizer

Active Gate (AG)
Required to run a private location.

Browser Monitor 
This is a Synthetic test that runs in a Chrome browser to simulate a user's browser journey. It uses the Dynatrace JS Agent in order to get the same timings that we use in RUM.

This is a Browser monitor that consists of one or more synthetic events. These events create are executed as a single browser session/ user journey.

Cluster Active Gate (AG)
This is required by for Managed deployments in order for the Dynatrace Cluster to receive Synthetic test results back from the public locations.

DEM units:
Licensing unit that is consumed when running Synthetic HTTP and Browser Monitors. Calculate DEM Consumption

Dynatrace Synthetic Recorder:
Our Chrome extension that is used to record a clickpath for a Browser Monitor or playback it locally.

A single operation within a clickpath, eg clicking on a button.

HTTP Monitor

This synthetic test allows you to make HTTP requests

Multidimensional Analysis (MDA) 
Screen which allows you to analyze the individual runs of a synthetic test.


Network Availability Monitor. These synthetic tests allow you to make Synthetic ICMP, TCP or DNS requests.

Private Location 
These locations are hosted on the customers own infrastructure. They require a Cluster or Environment Activegate with the Synthetic module enabled to be able to run the synthetic tests. You can also create containerized private locations

Public Location 

These locations are hosted by Dynatrace on our cloud infrastructure across the globe to run the customer's synthetic tests.

Synthetic Action 

An event within a synthetic browser that triggers a web request that includes a page load, navigation event, or action that triggers an XHR or Fetch request. This consumes DEM Units.

Virtual User Controller (VUC) 
This is the controller on a Synthetic location that will receives the tests to run and launch the VUPs to run them.

Virtual User Player (VUP) 
This is the Synthetic player on a location, which consists of an instance of Chrome which runs the Synthetic tests and a Chrome extension which communicates with the VUC. There can be many VUP running simultaneously per location.

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DynaMight Legend

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