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Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide

Virtual User Controller (VUC): This is the controller on a synthetic location that will receives the tests to run and launch the VUPs to run them.

Virtual User Player (VUP): This is the synthetic player on a location, which consists of an instance of chrome which runs the synthetic tests and a chrome extension which communicates with the VUC. There can be many VUP running simultaneously per location.

Public Location: These locations are hosted by Dynatrace on our cloud infrastructure across the globe to run the customer's synthetic tests.

Private Location: These locations are hosted on the customers own infrastructure. They require a Cluster or Environment Activegate with synthetic module installed to be able to run the synthetic tests.

Synthetic Control: Handles the management of public locations (adding locations, removing locations, etc.) Only used by Synthetic Devs + Devops teams.

Multidimensional Analysis (MDA): Screen which allows you to analyze the individual runs of a synthetic test.

Browser Monitor: This is a synthetic test that runs in a chrome browser to simulate a real user's browser journey. It uses the Dynatrace JS Agent in order to get the same timings that we use in RUM.

HTTP Monitor: This synthetic test allows you to make HTTP requests without running through a chrome browser.

Active Gate (AG): This is required in order for the dynatrace cluster to receive synthetic test results back from the public locations. Also required to run a private location.

Dynatrace Synthetic Recorder: Our Chrome extension that is used to record a click path for a browser monitor.

Clickpath: Consist of one or more synthetic events that creates a whole browser session/user journey.

Event A single operation within a clickpath, eg clicking on a button.

Synthetic Action: An event within a synthetic browser that triggers a web request that includes a page load, navigation event, or action that triggers an XHR or Fetch request. This consumes DEM Units.

DEM units: Licensing unit that is consumed when running synthetic tests. Calculate DEM Consumption

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