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Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Why are some of my web requests missing?

Only web requests from a supported HTTP framework are captured. Check if your HTTP framework is on this list. If it isn't, instrument your web requests manually.

Also, see Why am I missing web requests when I use the Firebase plugin? below.

Why are web requests not associated with a given user action?

OneAgent for Android only attaches web requests to a user action triggered within a specific timeframe. The timeframe starts when the action opens and ends 500 ms after the action closes. You can change this value with the userActions.timeout property.

Why does my UI component not generate a user action?

There can be multiple reasons why OneAgent for Android can't create a user action:

  • The UI component is defined in WebView.
  • The UI component uses an unsupported listener.
  • You are using Jetpack Compose and the UI component is not supported.

You can find the list of all supported components in the user action monitoring section.

Why am I missing web requests when I use the Firebase plugin?

The Dynatrace Android Gradle plugin is compatible with the Firebase Performance Monitoring plugin. However, there are some limitations.

If you are using Firebase Performance Monitoring plugin version 1.4.0+ with Android Gradle plugin version 4.2.x, you will be affected. The Firebase Performance Monitoring plugin uses an instrumentation approach that is incompatible with the Dynatrace Android Gradle plugin on this version of the Android Gradle plugin.

To see whether your build is affected, check the versions specified in the build.gradle file.

dependencies {
    classpath '' // Android Gradle plugin
    classpath '' // Firebase Performance Monitoring plugin

Solution: Upgrade the Android Gradle plugin to version 7.0.0+, and use the latest version of the Dynatrace Android Gradle plugin.

Why does Dynatrace not monitor Jetpack Compose UI components when I use the interactive mode in Android Studio?

The preview interactive mode runs directly inside Android Studio in a sandbox environment, which results in some limitations such as no network and file access. In this mode, the auto-instrumentation step is not executed and OneAgent is not started.


If you can't resolve a general problem with the Dynatrace Android Gradle plugin used for your mobile applications, please contact a Dynatrace product expert via live chat within your Dynatrace environment and provide the logs.

For build issues, refer to Mobile applications: Build issues with Dynatrace Android Gradle plugin.

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