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Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

General Troubleshooting

If you've encountered an issue related to mobile application monitoring, first ensure the following:

Specific issues

To troubleshoot specific issues, check one of the sections below.

Why is OneAgent not sending monitoring data for my mobile application?

You might have to adjust the application or server infrastructure to allow OneAgent to reach Dynatrace. Explore Adjust communication with OneAgent SDK for Android or OneAgent for iOS advanced configuration for more information.

The following list contains some problems that you might experience.

  • Verify that you used the correct application identification keys: applicationId and beaconUrl. These are provided in the mobile instrumentation wizard for Android or iOS in Dynatrace.
  • Ensure that you adapted Network Security Configuration correctly. You should include system CA certificates.
  • Check if Dynatrace is reachable from within your company network.

Why is OneAgent not sending monitoring data for my hybrid application?

You might have missed one of the configuration steps described in Instrument hybrid apps.

Why is my reported action name, value, or web request URL truncated?

OneAgent truncates such reported values when they exceed 250 characters.

Why are some of my web requests missing?

Dynatrace automatically instruments most web requests. However, you have to manually instrument web requests in certain cases. Check the information on web request monitoring for OneAgent SDK for Android, Dynatrace Android Gradle plugin, or OneAgent SDK for iOS.

For the Dynatrace Android Gradle plugin, web requests might be missing when you use the Firebase plugin.

Why are web requests not associated with a given user action?

OneAgent only attaches web requests to a user action triggered within a specific timeframe. The timeframe starts when the action opens and ends 500 ms after the action closes. You can change this value with the timeout property for Android or with the DTXAutoActionTimeoutMilliseconds configuration key for iOS.

Why are some of my user action names incorrect?

To construct user action names, OneAgent captures the control title from different attributes/fields, so make sure that you pass the correct values to these attributes/fields. For details, see the information on user action naming for Android, iOS, or our React Native plugin.

You can also define user action naming rules to change the automatically generated names to a predefined name. See Create custom user action names for mobile applications.

Technology-specific troubleshooting

For issues specific to your technology or operating system, check one of the following pages:

If you can't resolve an issue with your mobile application, please contact a Dynatrace product expert via live chat within your Dynatrace environment.

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