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To allow Dynatrace to report discovered configuration items (CIs) in your CMDB, verify that the discovery data source SGO-Dynatrace exists.

  1. Go to System Definition > Choice Lists.
  2. In the Value field, enter =SGO-DYNATRACE and run a search.
  3. If you get no results, select New.
  4. Create a new entry with the following details (shown in the image below).
    • Table: Configuration Item [cmdb_ci]
    • Element: discovery_source
    • Label: SGO-DYNATRACE
    • Value: SGO-DYNATRACE

If the hosts, process groups, services, and applications still don't show up in the CMDB, check the ServiceNow System logs for error messages within the Identification and Reconciliation engine. It might be that a non-standard CMDB-type attribute has been defined as a mandatory field.

For more information, refer to ServiceNow documentation on the Service Graph Connector for Observability - Dynatrace. Also check Send Dynatrace notifications to ServiceNow in Dynatrace Documentation.

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‎05 Jan 2024 05:18 AM
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Maybe you can guide me in an issue that I have regarding management zones. We have the dynatrace service graph working, all has been discovered but management zones are not showing in cmdb_key_value table. Maybe there is something that needed to be activated?.

Hope you can help me!.