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Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

If you can't resolve a problem with Session Replay on crashes for iOS, please contact a Dynatrace product expert via live chat within your Dynatrace environment. Also, ensure that your system meets the Session Replay requirements and that the problem that you're experiencing is not a part of known limitations.

If user sessions are recorded, but Session Replay is not available:

  • Verify that Session Replay is enabled—from the mobile application settings, select General to check.
  • Verify that the user opt-in mode is enabled—from the mobile application settings, select Instrumentation settings to check.
  • In the running application console logs, check for the following:
    • Line confirming that Session Replay is enabled:

      FINEST  Communications [DTXReplayAgentChannel.m:146-771-1] posted MRA notification: DTXServerConfigurationChangedNotification, userInfo:{
      replayConfig = {  // Session Replay config
         capture = 1;  // 1 means Session Replay is enabled; 0 means Session Replay is disabled
    • Line on a new session, for example:

      [DYNATRACE]:  Info -> New sessionId:0003, visitorId:123456789101112, visitStore:1 and serverId:4 from DT agent <NSThread: 0x6000013fe800>{number = 1, name = main}

Also see iOS Crashes and Session Replay Are Not Captured.

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