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Essential parts of Dynatrace for migration

Community Team
Community Team

Can you recommend what parts of Dynatrace are most essential to migrate to reduce the migration time to a minimum?

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Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

As always - it depends. Based on the upgrade plan and target architecture in Dynatrace, execution of the upgrade moves all Dynatrace monitoring of workloads from the on-premises Dynatrace Managed environment to the Dynatrace platform:

  • The Dynatrace environments are created in one of the available regions.
  • All configuration is applied to the Dynatrace environment (either through automation or manually applying the necessary configuration to the SaaS environment).
  • Dynatrace components are moved (OneAgent) or replicated (ActiveGate) to the new Dynatrace environment.
  • Monitored applications are restarted to ensure that all monitoring is moved to the new Dynatrace environment.

To reduce the migration time to the minimum, leverage automation tools - such as Configuration-as-code and OneAgent automation capabilities - such as orchestration packages or oneagentctl.


The most common parts that are migrated:

Network Zones

User Groups  SSO Setup 

Management Zones 

Tagging Rules  Naming Rules 
Custom Services  Services Configuration  Extensions 
Synthetics  Cloud Automation  Process Group Detection
Application Definitions  Deep Monitoring Settings A Log Monitoring 
Anomaly Detection  Alerting Profiles  Dashboards 
Notifications & Integrations  Maintenance Windows  SLI/SLOs 
API Tokens Credentials Vault  Mainframe Volumes 
OpenTelemetry Cloud Platform Integrations Custom Metrics
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