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Looking to upgrade from Dynatrace Managed to SaaS? See how

Essential parts of Dynatrace for migration

Community Team
Community Team

Can you recommend what parts of Dynatrace are most essential to migrate to reduce the migration time to a minimum?

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Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

As always - it depends. Based on the upgrade plan and target architecture in Dynatrace, execution of the upgrade moves all Dynatrace monitoring of workloads from the on-premises Dynatrace Managed environment to the Dynatrace platform:

  • The Dynatrace environments are created in one of the available regions.
  • All configuration is applied to the Dynatrace environment (either through automation or manually applying the necessary configuration to the SaaS environment).
  • Dynatrace components are moved (OneAgent) or replicated (ActiveGate) to the new Dynatrace environment.
  • Monitored applications are restarted to ensure that all monitoring is moved to the new Dynatrace environment.

To reduce the migration time to the minimum, leverage automation tools - such as Configuration-as-code and OneAgent automation capabilities - such as orchestration packages or oneagentctl.


The most common parts that are migrated:

Network Zones

User Groups  SSO Setup 

Management Zones 

Tagging Rules  Naming Rules 
Custom Services  Services Configuration  Extensions 
Synthetics  Cloud Automation  Process Group Detection
Application Definitions  Deep Monitoring Settings A Log Monitoring 
Anomaly Detection  Alerting Profiles  Dashboards 
Notifications & Integrations  Maintenance Windows  SLI/SLOs 
API Tokens Credentials Vault  Mainframe Volumes 
OpenTelemetry Cloud Platform Integrations Custom Metrics
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