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Alert: Response time degradation common causes


Would like to ask if somebody here can share what are the common causes of "Response time degradation" alert on Dynatrace. Appreciate your feedback on this inquiry.  Thank you


One example would be a high amount of throughput. We often see it during busy seasons like Black Friday and Christmas for the retail industry or for insurances a few days before its the deadline to get an insurance for the next year. Often, systems cannot handle the insane load of e.g. 10x more requests.

Other causes for a high response time can also be timeouts, where there is a wait time before a timeout/no response is returned. E.g. calls to an external service of a partner company for which the website is down.

I also often see response time degradations for large document sizes (can very even for the same request, imagine for example that someone uploads a picture this will always have a different size per customer who uploads) or also faulty/lengthy database statements.

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