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Question about notifications and to set up a Dashboard with logistic



So the issue is that I want send a some notification as SMS to my Iphone. Because of we have alerts which is very critical so we want to have SMS if that kind of alerts is occured. And other question is about do I want have some graphich view of problems, errors and exceptions on my dashboard, is there any tutorial or do you have any instruction for this?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

You can have issues pushed to your phone. I recommend using the email integration option and supply your email address you can access, or supply your phone number. for example: and you will get text alerts.

If you want an even better option, I would recommend using the Dynatrace Mobile App. Check out this link that shows the power of the mobile app: (Keep in mind, these use cases arent directly about the app but debut the functionality and methods with it.


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