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Dynatrace SaaS support for Azure HDInsight ?


Does Dynatrace SaaS support HDInsight cluster monitoring? - specifically with "R" as analysis services (as a service - not IaaS)



we could possibly experiment with

using cli/ps, with the Linux setup. However i need to know if your "compute" section covers azures HDinsight clusters officially

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Stefan,
we currently do not have dedicated hdinsight support. Nevertheless, deploynet of the oneagent via the vm-extension should work as this is agnostic to higher-level services like hdinsight, servicefabric..

A workaround is to leverage the available hdinsight cluster monitoring and push your required metrics into dynatrace (via api)

We do have hdinsight on our roadmap, still looking for customer use-cases/requirements for monitoring. If you can share them, that would be fantastic.

Thank you

Hi Patrick,

hdinsight clusters (as a service) doesnt expose its underlying VM's as actual interactive VM's. I've been able to find the server names via OMS, however the standard CLI/PS doesn't yield any options for applying vm extensions or the like. Could you supply a guide on how to setup the one agent for hdinsight clusters ?

Community Team
Community Team

Azure HDInsight is now supported:

Azure HDInsight monitoring 

If you have any questions about the Community, you can contact me at

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