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How do I determine Azure Supporting Services name to use the API?




I am trying to use the API to create new Azure Cloud link with some services added, but no name is documented under the name description for the AzureSupportingService field:


name string

The name of the supporting service.


 Azure credentials API - POST new credentials | Dynatrace Docs


How should I "guess" the service names in this case?




Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

I believe it is due to the field being optional. You can keep the filed null, check if id can be used to refer a object.





I don't think you got my question. I am interested in finding out the supported values for the name of the supporting services. This is what actually blocks me from fully making use of the API endpoint.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

In that case, just check out a GET call to fetch all names using get method. Refer documentation for azure credentials

Azure credentials API - GET all credentials | Dynatrace Docs


I appreciate your help, but you're not answering what I asked.

I don't need to GET my existing Azure credentials, I am trying to create a new Azure credential via the API but there is a documentation gap for the AzureSupportingService object which simply blocks me to configure the credentials as I want since I can not make a POST with the additional services I am interested in.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Below are list of names of all azure supported services by Dynatrace. Hope this help to post the needful details

Azure App Configuration
Azure Application Insights
Azure App Service
Azure Automation Account
Azure Batch
Azure Blockchain
Azure Cognitive Services - All-In-One
Azure Cognitive Services - Anomaly Detector
Azure Cognitive Services - Bing Autosuggest
Azure Cognitive Services - Bing Custom Search
Azure Cognitive Services - Bing Entity Search
Azure Cognitive Services - Bing Search
Azure Cognitive Services - Bing Spell Check
Azure Cognitive Services - Computer Vision
Azure Cognitive Services - Content Moderator
Azure Cognitive Services - Custom Vision Prediction
Azure Cognitive Services - Custom Vision Training
Azure Cognitive Services - Face
Azure Cognitive Services - Immersive Reader
Azure Cognitive Services - Ink Recognizer
Azure Cognitive Services - Language Understanding (LUIS) Authoring
Azure Cognitive Services - Language Understanding (LUIS)
Azure Cognitive Services - Personalizer
Azure Cognitive Services - QnA Maker
Azure Cognitive Services - Speech
Azure Cognitive Services - Text Analytics
Azure Cognitive Services - Translator
Azure Container Instances
Azure Container Registry
Azure Data Explorer
Azure Data Factory
Azure Data Lake Analytics
Azure Data Lake Storage
Azure Data Share
Azure Database for MariaDB
Azure Database for MySQL
Azure Database for PostgreSQL
Azure Device Provisioning Service (DPS)
Azure DNS Zone
Azure Event Grid
Azure Event Hubs
Azure ExpressRoute Circuit
Azure Firewall
Azure Front Door
Azure HDInsight
Azure Integration Service Environment
Azure IoT Central Applications
Azure Key Vault
Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
Azure Logic Apps
Azure Machine Learning
Azure Maps Account
Azure Media Services
Azure Mesh Application
Azure NetApp Files
Azure Network Interface
Azure Network Watcher
Azure Notification Hub
Azure Power BI
Azure Private DNS Zone
Azure Public IP Address
Azure Relay
Azure Search Service
Azure SignalR
Azure Spring Cloud
Azure SQL Data Warehouse
Azure SQL Managed Instance
Azure Storage Account Classic
Azure Storage Sync
Azure Stream Analytics
Synapse Analytics
Azure Time Series Insights
Azure Traffic Manager
Azure Virtual Machines
Azure Virtual Network Gateway
Azure Web Application Firewall (WAF) Policy on Azure CDN




I've tried those prior raising this question. All of them result in a 400 status code, bad payload error. I have attached the response for a couple of them here.


They don't even work on the validator endpoint.

Dynatrace Promoter
Dynatrace Promoter

Configuration API

To get a list of all Azure supporting services on your cluster by current version using the Azure credentials API, issue the GET /azure/credentials/supportedServices request.

Thanks for the update. This is exactly what I needed!


Was this endpoint added with the latest API version? Cause it was missing until recently.

Yes, it's pretty recent (earlier this year) - and long overdue. 

I hope we can expand it to list all supported metric names, too. Not done yet, though.



Does anyone know how to custom the Azure Spring app instance name which the embedded OneAgent automatically generate?   Also, how about customizing the instance's host name?    

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