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I assume the port number where OneAgent Extension in Azure talks to Managed Server is also 443?

Customer is using Managed and wants to monitor their Azure environment as well.

Finally, they decide to publish the Managed Server, so that the extension in Azure can talks to it. I've got the URL now, and have got the DT Token (well, these two are quite self-explanatory in the documentation.)

What about the port number? Is it also using 443? or other port? I need to ask firewall team to configure rules for this publishing exercise?


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

You can have a look at all the ports the Dynatrace Managed servers is using:

For Dynatrace Managed OneAgent sends its data to port 8443.

How about the download/provision of the OneAgent extension? the download of extension is also on port 8443? or 443?

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