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Maintenance Windows based on Azure Tag Values


Hello community,

I have a customer use case which is pretty cool, but think it may result in an RFE, but thought I'd share.

In Azure, my customer has added a ScheduledDowntime TAG. The values are in CET FRI2100-SUN0000 where Azure will detect the tag vaue and shutdown the VM's during that time period. As you can imagine, with 50-60 subscriptions, the times are all over the place. It saves the customer a lot costs at weekends.

Anyway, we have been asked to apply automatic maintenance windows for these value pairs. ie



If we detect any anomalies, DAVIS detects OneAgent issues for servers matching the TAG value that the problems are surpressed for the time period.

Is this possible? Is such feature in the solution already, and I cannot see it?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hi @GregOReilly 

I think that you should develop a custom integration using Dynatrace API and Azure API. This script or application would periodically check Azure for VMs with the ScheduledDowntime tag and then use Dynatrace API to set maintenance windows for the corresponding time frames.


Have a nice day!

This is exactly what I was thinking. In fact, we could also extend to AWS, GCP, VMWARE and others based on a TAG value.


Exactly, yes 👍 

Have a nice day!

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