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Take the Landscape Challenge! πŸŒ…

Community Team
Community Team

Hello Community! :dynaspin:


September serves as a good time to be a bit nostalgic, diving deeply to the most unique memories - not only the recent, summer ones! As a throwback, recollect now some amazing landscapes you have in your mind. Beaches or mountains, lakes or seas, sunrises on sunsets, views from skyscrapers or tiny cottages, with your beloved family members or alone, while travelling or during business trip - anything! πŸ’‘

Special "Adventurer" badgeSpecial "Adventurer" badgeHave you taken pictures of these landscapes? Share them in the comments below, no matter if taken by camera or smartphone. Dynatrace Community is stunningly global - let’s show how do you derive from this aspect when you’re not home!


Authors of all exciting pictures will get special, dedicated badge expressing your adventurous nature. Taking the challenge is giving you some bonus 100 points as well! What’s more - who knows - maybe you’ll inspire community members to explore some new, extraordinary travel destinations? βœˆοΈ



Let me start with my recent shoot, capturing stunning sunset on Turkish Riviera!




Looking forward your pictures! 


hi @brennan_muir, it's never too late! πŸ™‚ beautiful views!

Keep calm and build Community!

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

I wanted to add some pictures from Austria. And also one from a winter landscape since everybody seems to prefer summer.

Bild 011.jpgIMAG1445.jpgIMAG0624.jpgBild 007.jpgIMAG1922.jpg

Austrian Alps in the winter! πŸ’™β›·β›·β›·

Keep calm and build Community!

Stunning views, great to see some winter shots here as well!

Dynatrace Participant
Dynatrace Participant

Here are some of the photos from the south side of India. 
These definitely looks beautiful than what it is captured here coz beauty of nature is unexplainable. 






Technology for all, together we grow.

Fantastic landscapes! So pleasant to see this kind of views on rainy, cold morning here in Gdansk πŸ˜Ž