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Community Team
Community Team

Hello, dear Community members!


How do you like the improvements and additions we've made to the Community gamification? So many of you are passionate about getting new badges and climbing higher and higher in the ranks that we decided to review the gamification features after the first three months since launching the new platform and redo some of them! Let's dive in what's new in the Dynatrace Community and what's coming.


Dynatrace Community highlights

  • 🎮 We've launched upgraded gamification features in the Community, including new badges and additional opportunities to earn bonus points.
  • :cool_doge: We've also added new emojis that you can use when creating Community posts, including the Dynatrace logo!
  • Comparing June 2021 to May 2021, we had a 31,5% increase in the number of new questions posted!


Our first Gurus in the Community!

After up-leveling our gamification and rewarding our Community members with additional badges and bonus points for their activity, we now have the first Dynatrace experts that ranked up to the Guru level. Join us in congratulating @ChadTurner and @andreas_grabner:tada: Now, only one step left to become the Dynatrace Community's Legend 🙂 


Top contributors last month

Below, you'll find top contributors for various types of activities. 

The most topics published



The most replies authored



The most kudos given

larry.png @larry_roberts
The most kudos received



The most ideas submitted



The most comments on ideas jason.png@ct_27



The most engaging posts in June

The most commented posts in the previous month:


Community Members of the Month for July

In case you missed them, check out the two great stories to learn about @ct_27 and @bobby_crumley and their Dynatrace journey! 


The DynatraceGo! challenge

DynatraceGo!, our regional event covering the latest in observability, DevOps, AIOps, and beyond, has already begun. We're excited to launch a new Community challenge where you can win a unique attendee badge!

DynatraceGO attendee badge.png

If you're into ranking up in the Dynatrace Community, share your favorite session with us and earn also 150 bonus points.​​​​​​​

We'll be running this challenge throughout the entire DynatraceGo! duration, so by the end of July.
No matter which regional sessions you're attending, you all have equal chances to take part in the DynatraceGo! challenge


Help us to improve troubleshooting with Dynatrace

The design team is working on redesigning and reworking how troubleshooting is done in Dynatrace.

They would love to get your feedback so they can focus on the improvements that will bring you the most value. As a reward, each survey participant (only 7 questions to answer!) will get 50 bonus points in the Dynatrace Community 🙂 


See you in the Dynatrace Community! 

The Dynatrace Community team 


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