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Community Team
Community Team

Welcome to the Dynatrace Community, the biggest and the best place for discussion about Software Intelligence!  


The Dynatrace Community is a place for everyone with passion for IT. In our Community, you can get answers to any questions related to Dynatrace. If you want to know about Synthetic Monitoring, how to set up Dashboards, or what technologies you can monitor – you’ve come to the right place.  

The Dynatrace Community is also a destination for all your Product Ideas. If you think you have an idea for a great Dynatrace enhancement, add-on, or even new feature – let us know and submit your ideaOur Product Managers will evaluate it and product ideas with the most insightful use cases have a chance to make it into Dynatrace. Additionally, you can give them feedback about existing features in the Feedback channel subforum.


This is also a place for knowledge sharing, education, networking, getting updates and news, participating in various Community initiatives, creating Dynatrace extensions together, and much, much more! The power of our Community comes from users, so if you have an idea to make it better – let us know and together we can create a perfect place for all Dynatrace enthusiasts. 


We want to make your experience with the Dynatrace Community as good as possible. Follow these 6 guidelines to help us keep a friendly and helpful spirit in our forums: 


Respect others 

Being nice to others is always a good idea, in the forum and everywhere else. Treat other Community members with respect, even if you don’t agree with them. If you see any harassmentunnecessary negativity towards any user, or any other inappropriateness - flag a post or contact the Community Moderators and we will take care of this. We strongly believe that in a friendly environment we can achieve the best results. 


Post valuable content 

We encourage you to post content that you think is valuable and can help you and others. No one wants to see advertisements when they are looking for knowledge. If you notice spam or marketing materials masked as a post, let us know.  


Be on topic 

Our forums are centered around Dynatrace, IT, and Software Intelligence. Being on topic and posting your questions, posts, ideas in the right place helps everyone, including you. We want everyone to be able to find what they are looking for as fast as possible. Remember to use labels properly, so the experts on the topic will get notified about the new content. 


Keep sensitive data private 

Our Community is visited by thousands of users every day. Open Q&A, Extensions, and Community Connect forums are open to everyone, so you can look for solutions to problems using popular search engines. Thats why we highly encourage you to double-check the information you want to post. Passwords, environment IDsAPI keys, IP addresses, and any other confidential information – these should never land in the public forum. Always check if the attached screenshots don’t show too much. 


For security issues or data breaches - contact Support

Although our Community is open for any Dynatrace-related topics, if you suspect a data breach or a security vulnerability, don't discuss those in public. Revealing such information publicly may put your company at risk. Instead, please contact Dynatrace Support immediately.


Don’t be shy 

Everyone was a beginner at some point. Our Community connects various IT specialists and experts who are truly helpful and friendly. Don’t be shy about posting - there is no such thing as a stupid question. Even the most obvious things for one persoaren’t that obvious for another. We all want to be better in our areas of expertise, and to achieve this, we have to learn. 


Have fun, be yourself 

This is probably the most important guideline: have fun! Together, we are creating the culture of the Community, so let's make it exciting and friendly to everyoneCheck out our gamification options, get to know other users, collect badges, participate in challenges, learn something new. Good sense of humor is very welcome here! 



If you have any questions about the forums, check out our Community User Guide and FAQ. If you have any suggestions about improving everyone's experience here, post your idea here: Community discussion 

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

@MaciejNeumannFYI - The link in the Community User Guide is broken. Said dyntrace instead of dynatrace.

Community Team
Community Team

Thank you! It should be ok now 😁