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Community Team
Community Team

Dynatrace forums are as valuable as their content. If you want to ask a new question, create a product idea, or write a tip article, there are many ways to do it. 


Posting new content 

The easiest option is visible right away when you enter the Dynatrace forums. Just click the Start conversation button right below the search bar and you are ready to create a new post for the Community.  


Start a conversation, Ask a question, Suggest an idea, and Create an article buttons are visible in every subforum, next to the Activity feed. This way, the post you want to create will go directly into this category. 

Check our FAQ for more information




Tips for posting 

Remember to make sure the question/idea you want to post isn’t already in the forum. When you start typing in the subject field, you will see similar posts. Check them to be sure that you’re not duplicating the content. 

Also, double check to make sure youre posting in the correct subforum. This will make sure your content is more visible to people who can help you.  

Another crucial element is labeling your content properly. Check available labels and add the most important ones that summarize the topic of your post. 

Provide the details in the body field. You have many formatting options that can make your content easier to read and understand. If you want to list somethingmaybe bullet points will be useful? When you want to share a piece of code, the code sample will help you a lot - you can even choose coding language there! Pictures or videos are a great way to illustrate something, so we recommend adding them whenever you can. 

Another important element is mentioning users in the post. Just start with “@” and type a username of person you want to mention in the post. That way, she or he will be notified about it. 




Replying is even easier than posting a new question or idea. Just click the Comment/Reply button under the post you want to reply to and write your reply. Then click Post your comment/Post your reply and it will appear in the topic. You can also select Email me when someone replies to get a message when someone will comment on your reply. 

Check our FAQ for more information




Choose the best answer 

If you posted a question and someone replied to it with complete and correct answerlet others know that this solved your problem. 

Click the Accept as a solution button in the post options menu and the best answer will get green frame and a check icon. 

Check our FAQ for more information