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Filter specific hosts for a dashboard


Hi Team

I have 2 questions:

1. I am working on creating a QA health dashboard and by default, I can see a list of hosts under my login, but I would like to filter specific hosts to create a dashboard view.

2. Also could you please help me with determining the user login experience, for example: Did the login page load successfully or not?





Hi Madhumitha,

1. I will suggest you utilize the tagging feature to tag the specific hosts you want to monitor. That way when you apply a filter on the hosts page for that specific tag, it will show only the hosts that have that tag. Then you can "Pin to your dashboard" with the tag filtered. Another way is to create a custom chart and select the hosts individually and place them on your chart, then pin the chart to your dashboard ( can also use the tagging feature for custom charts). See link below to better understand the tagging feature

2. As for user experience of your user, high user action duration and errors (JavaScript errors and 4xx or 5xx HTTP status codes for XHR Requests and correlated Web Requests) constitute a poor experience. For your example, I will have to understand what a failed login is. If a failed login throws some error on the browser side, that user action will be rated as Poor. If you are monitoring the server side purepaths of your transactions i.e. you have an agent on the backend servers, Dynatrace correlates the user actions on the browser to the server side purepaths. If an error is thrown on the server side purepath for a failed login, the user experience will also be rated as poor for the user action. You can monitor individual user sessions or the entire Web application and see the performance of user actions.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.



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