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Measure user actions problem: seconds instead of milliseconds


Hello friends, 

I create a dashboard to measure the time of all user actions through a user session query:

"SELECT name ,AVG(duration)  FROM useraction WHERE (name IS NOT NULL) AND usersession.stringProperties.clienttype="Corporate" GROUP BY name ORDER BY avg(duration) DESC"

Here is one big BUT:  all times are in milliseconds and I want to make it in seconds because will be easier for a business .

user actioin 1 - 36,305 ms
user actioin 1 - 10,870 ms
user actioin 1 - 9,865 ms
user actioin 1 - 5,784 ms
user actioin 1 - 5,151 ms

and etc. 
I try different ways to convert these milliseconds to seconds but without luck. 

Can you give me an idea how to do it? 

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

Division operation (duration/1000 f.e.) is supported, but not with aggregation at this time (error message from UQL: "Mathematical Operation with aggregator functions is not yet supported!"). You can export USQL result (via API and convert it externally.

Alanata a.s.

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