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Dynatrace Contributor
Dynatrace Contributor

Hello Dynatrace Developer! 


We want to welcome you to our Dynatrace Developer forum. This forum is a space dedicated to all developers who are developing apps with our Dynatrace platform.  Here we welcome you to share your ideas for developing apps and post any questions you have while creating them.  


If you're new to Dynatrace Developer or new to our forum structure, read or watch the video below for tips, best practices, and information on how to use the forum. 



And remember, if you come across a post that you believe you can contribute to, go ahead and leave a comment with your solution or guidance on their post. 


Everything you need to know about sensitive data  

Please remember that this is an open forum (everything you post will be publicly visible), so please ensure not to share confidential information. 

Here are some best practices:

  • Don't include environment IDs or URLs 
  • Don't include API tokens or credentials  
  • Don't include IP addresses 
  • Don't include any code or screenshots of code that is potentially sensitive and could breach data privacy 

If you want to learn more, visit community guidelines. Or, similarly, see the MS style guide for best practices. 


What can you do in this forum? 

You can post a question, reply to a question, comment, and give kudos.  


Starting your first post 

To post a new question, select this link, or you can go to the Developer Forum directly and select the blue navigation button inscribed "ask a question."  



Ask a questionAsk a question

In the question field, enter the question you wish to ask. A list of similar questions will be immediately visible underneath your field entry to avoid duplications in the forum. Please check this list, as the answer to your question may already be there.  


New messageNew messageIn the body field, you can add more details about your question.  

  • Remember that good formatting, such as bullet points, makes reading easier.  
  • Adding a screenshot or a picture directly to your post will help you get your answer faster.   
  • You can visit the community guidelines for more information about 'posting in the community.' 


Finally, we need your help! When browsing the forum, if you see a question you know the answer to or think you can help with, go ahead and comment with your solution or guidance.  


That's it! This forum will help you develop the very best Dynatrace® Apps. If you need any help, feel free to contact our team.