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IP address mapping rules - where can I find the uploaded csv inside my Servers

Hello everyone,

I just uploaded the csv file for "custom" mapping the internal Ip address of my organisation.

I was wondering if I can download it again, or where can I find it inside my Dynatrace Managed Servers.

(I did some research but without any result)

Thank you!


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

No you cannot 😞


Regards, Sebastian


@Yann B., Unfortunately you cannot do this easily at this time within the UI. However, it maybe possible via environment API v2, that would be a great question for support. I have inquired about it and it has been submitted as a Request for Enhancement (RFE). Fingers crossed that they can toss this into the roadmap with future deployments/feature releases. Just make sure you save it to your network share for later use if needed!

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