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Extract process name and hostname from Dynatrace Extra Vars




I'm looking for a way to extract the "process name" for example httpd or myqsld to be used in ansible playbook variables.

The scenario is I'm integrating Dynatrace with ansible tower for self-healing scenarios and I want my ansible playbook to fetch the hostname and the process name from the Dynatrace Extra vars.

Note. Tried with tags. but tags are not available for deep monitoring process.


Below are the variables I'm getting only:


problemId: P-****
problemSeverity: AVAILABILITY
problemTitle: Process unavailable
problemUrl: >-
state: OPEN
tags: []


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi Mbadry,
Did you tried adding more placeholders, such as:

  • {ImpactedEntities}: Details about the entities impacted by the problem in form of a json array.
  • {ImpactedEntity}: A short description of the problem and impacted entity (or multiple impacted entities).
  • {ImpactedEntityNames}: The entity impacted by the problem (or multiple impacted entities).

Any or all of those will give the required information, but you need to include them as you included the ProblemID or Title.


Also, you can create automatic tag rules to include information on the different Dynatrace entities, that you may find useful (For instance, add to Processes Groups the Hosts they are running in).

Hope it help!

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