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Is it possible to limit PurePath visibility ?

Customer has many applications developed by different 3rd party companies. Typically services from one application are called/used by other apps developed by another party. 

Customer would like to share data for services between parties (operational/performance view). BUT don't want to share detailed data from distributed traces (PurePath).

Is there any possibility to selectively hide detailed data ? Means e.g. - in "my" mgmt zone see all data including PurePaths and in "others" mgmt zones see just services/requests ??


Thx for tips 🙂



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Unfortunately not possible with the current permissions. 

You can hide "sensitive" data via permissions on a management zone level. But you can't differentiate between Service Level and PurePath level data.


You could add the relevant information to a custom dashboard and only share that dashboard.

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And via the extended access definitions it is also not doable ?


AFAIK that's only for settings (UI/API) and not UI Dashboards themselves. But I'd be happy to stand corrected if somebody has more input on that.

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