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Purepath "Request to public networks" monitored by Dynatrace



Today in my environment monitored by Dynatrace I have the following situation: Step one of my application calls step two, which is a web service. This step two calls step three, which is another web service, also monitored by Dynatrace. However, this step 3 (web service) is being called by a URL with public IP and is thus recognized in the dynatrace as "Request to public networks".

The question I have is: Is it possible to visualize the purepath of this step three along with the purepath of steps 1 and 2? Remembering that all steps are monitored by Dynatrace.

Thank you!


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

This should be visible, given that you have a Dynatrace agent installed in the step3 machine. But several situations might occur, and I can imagine 2 of them:

  • If it is not getting it, something might be stripping the information along the way. Do you know if there is some special firewall in between step2 and step3?
  • It might be being served by an opaque service, some service that Dynatrace was unable to instrument on the server of step3.
Antonio Sousa

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

So since Step 1 has the agent and is calling step 2 witch is a 3rd party and then it is calling step 3 where another oneagent is, there might be some data that is missing since there is no agent on step 2. What you can do is turn that 3rd party into a 1st party and get a bit more granular with the data that you do get.

This can be done by:


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