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What is the compete list for JSONs to download all application settings


I am trying to make a full backup for application settings which we can see in UI.
But the data is fractured into many pieces(not sure why it is so designed).

Here is my mind map. But I am afraid that I missed something:

Applications CFGs.png



Can't you use monaco v2? This will probably give you all the settings?

#Performance matter!

Actually, I am looking for a source of truth to not guess.

That's why I suggest setting up Monaco 2.0. That one talks to all of the available APIs. If you want to create something yourself afterwards, you can use those endpoint.. 🙂 

#Performance matter!

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DynaMight Leader

Agree, check out Monaco -

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Same answer than others, using download command using Monaco V2.

It is covering these APIs.

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I don't see in Monaco any commands to clone settings from app1 to app2 inside the same environments
I don't see any commands to compare files and view diff between configurations (in the console or reports)

Hi @Slawa,

For creating or cloning, you need to deploy a new configuration. For example, download actual configuration, seeing YAML and JSON files, creating new ones with new applications, and deploy them.

For comparing files or diff, you can use your favorite text editors since those configurations and downloaded locally to your computer.

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To add:

You can download application settings via Monaco. Basically you'll get an output containing lot's of settings related to your application. For example, you'll get the result from your web application saved in a JSON file. 
you can then simple edit that JSON file or use placeholders to push a new application back to your environment with different settings for example.

Of course Monaco is a product developed to help out with configuring and does not exactly match everything you want directly. But then again, if you nog use is, you'll need to write something custom which also is time intensive. If you want to write something custom: you can see exactly which API monaco uses for application creation.

#Performance matter!

Is terraform have the same API coverage as Monaco?


It is interstning but monaco doesnt help to answer on intial question)

I extracted folder names but without confidence,
is this list is the full list of all related to web application data or something is missed:

# web apps
WEB_APP = "application-web"
WEB_COST_CONTROL = "builtinrum.web.enablement"

WEB_ANOMALY = "builtinanomaly-detection.rum-web"

WEB_REQUEST_ERROR = "builtinrum.web.request-errors"

WEB_PERF_LOAD_ACTIONS = "builtinrum.web.key-performance-metric-load-actions"
WEB_PERF_XHR_ACTIONS = "builtinrum.web.key-performance-metric-xhr-actions"
WEB_PERF_CUSTOM_ACTIONS = "builtinrum.web.key-performance-metric-custom-actions"

WEB_JS_UPDATES = "builtinrum.web.rum-javascript-updates"
WEB_CUSTOM_ERRORS = "builtinrum.web.custom-errors"
WEB_CALC_METRICS = "calculated-metrics-application-web"

WEB_REPLAY_PRIVACY = "builtinsessionreplay.web.privacy-preferences"
WEB_REPLAY_CAPTURING = "builtinsessionreplay.web.resource-capturing"

WEB_XHR_EXCLUSION = "builtinrum.web.xhr-exclusion"
WEB_IP_EXCLUSION = "builtinrum.web.ipaddress-exclusion"
WEB_BROWSER_EXCLUSION = "builtinrum.web.browser-exclusion"t

 Can we change folder struture in monaco e.g. join configs to simplify search and data management?

api allow us to do that:)



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