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White space on Pure Path on Story Line



Above has 5 pics of 5 diferent request to same microservice.

This microservice is deployed on openshift with spring and java.

I have some questions.

What is this white color on this graphic
(Separating light blue from dark blue)? What it means?

Funny thing its when I go to dynatrace from this microservice it only shows the dark blue part. I dont now where to find the ligh blue information.



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Santiago L.!

Each line in that tree is what we call a PurePath Node. It looks like each of the nodes you've screenshotted have nodes below them (subnodes/child nodes). Without having a full screenshot of your PurePath tree, it looks to me that your parent nodes are continuing to execute code after their children nodes/subnodes complete some task.

The white space is the time where the parents aren't doing anything as they're waiting for subnodes to complete.

Kind regards,
Joshua P.

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