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Is it possible to monitor Mobile RUM without an ActiveGate?



It is still not clear for me about Dynatrace when monitoring a Mobile RUM. In the documentation, to monitor Mobile RUM required Cluster Active Gate with IP public, but is it possible to monitor Mobile RUM without Cluster Active Gate?

I'm still using Appmon for now, and to monitor mobile RUM, I don't need an environment like Cluster Active Gate like in Dynatrace.

Please, everyone can tell me about this case



DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

If you will be using Dynatrace SaaS, you don't need Cluster ActiveGate because SaaS is already publicly available.

If you will be using Dynatrace Managed, then you need. That's because Managed is not publicly accessible, and thus you need Cluster ActiveGate to act as an endpoint for all the iPhone or Android phone out there to transmit back monitoring data to your Dynatrace Managed Server.

Hi @Chan Wai K.

Thanks for your answer, but I want to know the difference between monitoring Mobile RUM with Dynatrace Managed and Appmon. Why when use Appmon, we don't use environment like Cluster ActiveGate ? I'm still learning about Dynatrace


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

As Chan said, SaaS customers will be able to monitor a mobile app without the need of anything additional. Managed users will need an Activegate to allow communication outside of the network and back into Dynatrace. I am not sure about the differences between Appmon and Dynatrace. If you are looking to move to Dynatrace from Appmon, then I would suggest at the very least, sign up for their Dynatrace One Premium Support for the first year! It’s been a life saver!


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

for Dynatrace (regardless if SaaS or Managed) there is also the possibility to define a beacon endpoint for the mobile agent on e.g. a webserver host that is instrumented with Dynatrace OneAgent, which then is similar to what it currently is with AppMon, but ActiveGate is the recommended solution for mobile agent communication.

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