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On User Query session page not getting Request id available column , that attribute "X-INF-RequestID​" is available on

Hi ,
I am looking of  RUM data  like all the failing  Request for an  application using  User Session Query. Here I am trying to write User session query which will have columns like Request id i.e. "X-INF-RequestID​" and request URL and response time or response code etc.

But I am not able to find "X-INF-RequestID​" or any column for Request ID in available column list. Could you please tell me how to explicitly add and column  for Request ID or add X-INF-RequestID in list.



I can see that Request Id on metadata section on Distributed traces page, expect same parameter\attribute on User Query session column list.



Thanks in Advance for the help.

Heramb Sawant


Somebody Please share view on my query, it will be big help.

Heramb Sawant

Dynatrace Enthusiast
Dynatrace Enthusiast

Hey there,

So from my understanding what you're requesting is not possible. (somebody can correct me if I'm wrong on this)
The only valid options to select can be seen based on "select * from useraction" which values for the request attributes are not one of them.

The query you're also using is associated with the values captured and obtained on the user session itself (and the user actions associated to it), not the backend request/services.
So even tho you may see it on a distributed trace for a request on a specific service, that doesn't mean we're querying against that data set.

Kind Regards, 


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