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Metric for HTTP Monitor "Failed Requests"

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

When navigating in the HTTP Monitor UI, one of the most useful graphs for me is the Failed Requests:



It seems to me that these values are not available in Data Explorer, so I can create a dashboard tile with it. Before I post a Product Idea for this, does anyone have an idea if I might be missing something that seems should be available?


Antonio Sousa

the closest metric I can find is as below

Status code count (by request, location) [HTTP monitor]

builtin:synthetic.http.request.statusCode:splitBy("Status code","dt.entity.http_check_step"):sort(value(auto,descending)):limit(20)

But its no where near as granular as what you are showing, only shows major error class i.e 2xx and doesn't provide the error details.


Could I get instructions on how you got to that page in your screen shot? I have had issues in the past where the UI has exactly what I need, data wise, but the built in metrics exposed to us do not provide them. I have had to create custom metrics to achieve dash-boarding for what the gui is showing.


Thanks for your input. I also use the metric that you refer to, but the total ammount of failures is bigger than the values given by builtin:synthetic.http.request.statusCode

This is because it doesn't count failures that happen before an HTTP response might happen (DNS problems, connection problems, timeouts, etc.)

I have also put a Product Idea for this, so it can be upvoted:

Antonio Sousa


Please also try builtin:synthetic.http.request.resultStatus. It gives a count of requests which you can split by success or failure (result status).


Yes, I use that metric, but unfortunately we cannot split failures for the type of errors.

I have put a Product Idea for this, so it can be upvoted:

Antonio Sousa

I usually use builtin:synthetic.http.execution.status:splitBy(execution_status_name) for that as it shows all the statuses. 



Synthetic SME and community advocate.


Spot on! This is one neat hidden dimension!

Antonio Sousa

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