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Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

If you can't resolve a problem with Session Replay on crashes for iOS, please contact a Dynatrace product expert via live chat within your Dynatrace environment. Also, ensure that your system meets the Session Replay requirements and that the problem that you're experiencing is not a part of known limitations.

If user sessions are not recorded at all:

  • If you're using the Simulator in Xcode to test Session Replay, select Edit Scheme… > Run | Debug, and then clear the Debug executable checkbox for your Xcode scheme.

  • Verify that you completed the steps described in the mobile instrumentation wizard:

    • You added Session Replay as a dependency to your Podfile.

    • You included all mandatory application identification keys to your app's Info.plist file.

    • You enabled the user opt-in mode and added a privacy notice.

  • Ensure that you can import the Dynatrace libraries:


    import Dynatrace
    import DynatraceSessionReplay


    #import <Dynatrace/Dynatrace.h>
    #import <DynatraceSessionReplay/DynatraceSessionReplay-Swift.h>
  • In the running application console logs, find the following:

    • Line stating the OneAgent version, for example, Dynatrace OneAgent (iOS) 8.207.1.XXXX
    • Line on the Session Replay version, for example, Dynatrace Mobile Session Replay Agent (iOS) 1.207

Also see iOS Crashes and Session Replay Are Not Captured.

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