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Community Team
Community Team

Welcome in April, friends of Dynatrace Community! :dynatrace:


As the new month approaches, we're introducing you to everything that may catch your attention in regard to community updates. Check out the hottest areas of our forum: intensively commented forum topics, the most voted product ideas, new features, upcoming updates... And many, many more! Sit comfortably, grab your coffee and enjoy your read 👇


📈 Dynatrace Community highlights


Screenshot 2022-04-07 at 12.52.23.png


We're kicking off into April with a bunch of important news, updates and changes that might catch your attention. Excited to share with you some stuff that we were happy to experience for the first time! Be up to date with anything what's going on around 👀


👉 Spring4Shell vulnerability - take a look what to be aware of


👉 We've launched the brand new, dedicated welcoming page for guests and new visitors encouraging to join Dynatrace Community!

👉 As a part of the Welcoming Strategy for 2022, we've added a banner for non-logged visitors showing the main benefits of being a user.

👉 We said goodbye to the Classic Products forum category - it's no longer visible in the navigation, being hidden in the archive.

👉 We celebrated 1 year anniversary of launching the Dynatrace Community on a new platform!

👉 We've done the broad research of badges and ranks - expect some minor but important changes in names and rules of assigning them.

👉 We had two engaging Zoom sessions called "Ask Me Anything - Dynatrace Community". It was a pleasure to meet and see our Community members live!


🔝 March top contributors


Screenshot 2022-04-07 at 13.08.09.png


We're so glad our Community is so full of helpful, engaged, and open-minded people! Shout out especially to those users whose names we see on this list for the first time! Thank you everyone: @AK@ChadTurner@mgome@RajeshG@siegi_mueller@Juwei_Zhang1 and @urs_fischer!


👏  Special congratulations


Dynatrace Community consists of numerous users who stand out with their engagement, helping attitude and creativity. It is what brings the actual value to the community - it is a constantly developing space full of life and traffic. For April we send shout outs to Community friends below!







🌟 Gerald Haydtner for rapid feedback about the recent Spring4Shell vulnerability to quickly take actions!


🏆 Members of the Month


Make sure you've read the latest interviews with extraordinarily engaged Community members and our irreplaceable Dynatracers! Meet them better either from professional and after-hours perspective! 😎


Member_2_600x300 pedro.png



🏆 Meet this month's Community Member of the Month in the interview!



Member_1_600x300 Jerome t.png



:dynatrace: Meet this month's Employee Member of the Month in the interview!



🔥 The hottest discussions


Take a look at the March's most engaging discussions we've spotted throughout Dynatrace Community!



# Topics Replies
1. Feedback channel for the new opt-in host overview page 94
2. Take the Chef Challenge! 30
3. Does Dynatrace support for Apache Synapse? 17 
4. [WARNING] OneAgent 1.232/1.233 can cause a slow memory leak on Linux (...) 16 
5.  Feedback channel for the new notifications list 11
6.  Planned features for SLOs 10 
7.  Feedback channel for the (local) self-monitoring of Dynatrace Managed 10
8.  Take the Surprise Challenge! 10
9.  Feedback channel for 9
10.  Dynatrace associate exam preparation 8



💡 The most voted product ideas


# Product ideas Votes Status
1.  RFE: Support for Business Hours in timeframe selector 27  New
2.  RFE - Expand Data Explorer Metrics that exclude Maintenance Windows 25  Accepted
3.  EntitySelector dynamic value placeholder 23  New
4.  RFE - Maintenance Windows - allow to exclude tagged entities  18 Not planned
5.  RUM Support for Netty  17 New
6.  RFE - Support for Kong Enterprise Gateway 16  Under review
7.  RFE: Possibility of file upload in synthetic tests in the new tenant (SaaS) 15  Accepted
8.  Maintenance Windows page needs more functions 15  Started
9.  Automatically Go to Multi-Dimensional Availability Analysis on "Analyze (...) 15  New​​​​​​​
10.  Dynatrace purepath export feature  14 New​​​​​​​ 



👨‍🍳 The March challenge overview


In March we've dropped impressively popular challenge, which gained huge scale of feedback. We won't lie - the bar was set pretty high now! This time we asked you to share anything about your favorite food in the "Chef Challenge" - recipes, pictures, memories... Anything! The number of answers is fantastic again and full of delicious details



🌟 19 answers submitted so far

🌟 36 various food pics: pasta, cookies, meat, ramen, wine, pizza...

🌟 10 delicious stories


🌟 4 tasty recipes


You can still participate! Submit your answer now and share your loveliest food in the thread!




🔥 Threads you need to read!


👉 Feedback channel for the new opt-in host overview page

👉​​​​​​​ Data explorer + dashboarding 🗣 feedback 🛋 lounge

👉 Dynatrace technology support roadmap for Tracing

👉 Maintenance Windows page needs more functions

👉 Video interview with the Member of the Month: Gerald Haydtner

👉 OneAgent Watchdog Process Behaviour

👉 Did not know this option in the user sessions existed!



🕘 What's coming soon?


We're having a lot of on an agenda for upcoming weeks of April. Development is planned on various areas: some improvements are going to be rather minor, while some of them will catch your attention quickly. Take a look what are we preparing! 👇

👉 Further growth of the DynaMights group

A special program for our super users, launched back in October 2021, consists of 20 most engaged Community members. In April, we're going to invite to this elite a group of another 7 users. Their names and exact quantity are going to be announced in the coming weeks!

👉 Special Q&A session with PMs for the challenge participants

Taking part in our community challenges rewards not only with recognition and a special forum badge, but sometimes it gives something more. In the coming days we'll have a special Q&A session between PMs and users who took part in January's challenge. Delayed, but is happening eventually!

👉 Videos with interviews


After inspiring conversations with Danne Aguiar in February and Gerald Haydtner in March, expect another cool talk with our customer in April!

👉 Unclear labels research

We're going to reach out to PMs to clarify some labels that names might be confusing, unprecise or misleading.

👉 A new button for the Product Ideas forum

One of the hottest forums in the Dynatrace Community is going to get a new "Suggest an idea" button for better navigation and user experience.

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