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Community Team
Community Team

Hurry up while this shortest month of the year is not over yet! 👀


What's up Community? We're so happy to meet with you again in February, taking this opportunity before those 20 days left would pass so quickly! We'll all suddenly wake up in another month... 😉 


Take a look at the fresh pack of updates, statistics, highlights, and other interesting data we've collected here. We have so many plans, ideas, and hopes for this year that we can't wait you'll notice how Dynatrace Community changes to be an even better place to share, talk, and discover. Stay with us and enjoy!


Dynatrace Community highlights


Screenshot 2022-02-08 at 12.55.29.png


What interesting happened throughout Dynatrace Community on January 2022?


👉 On January 24, our team celebrated the Community Management Appreciation Day

👉 The "Roadmaps" subforum has been merged with the "Feedback channel".

👉 We've asked Community users how they rate their initial experience with the forum.

👉 Labels in the forums gained brief descriptions and some nice icons to help understand their subject better.

👉 We've processed another Q&A forum cleanup to reduce the number of unanswered or dated subjects on the remaining forums.


👉We've added some new emojis to the set, including the DynaMights icon.

👉 We updated the Community guidelines with a security-related section.

🔝 January's top contributors

Screenshot 2022-02-07 at 15.42.14.png


We're so happy to have so engaged and helpful Community! Shout out especially to names we see on this list for the first time! Thank you all: @ct_27@AntonioSousa@Julius_Loman, @Kenneth_Gillett@ChadTurner@d_himanshu, and @dannemca


🏆 Members of the Month


Make sure you've taken a look at our latest interviews with irreplaceable employees and Community members! Meet them both from professional and a little bit more after-hours perspective! 😎





🏆 Meet this month's Community Member of the Month in the interview!





:dynatrace: Meet this month's Employee Member of the Month in the interview!


🔥 The hottest discussions

Take a look at the last month's most engaging discussions in the Dynatrace Community!


# Topics Replies
1. [Survey] What would be your choice of CentOS replacement? 14
2. Take the New Year's Challenge ‌‌‌‌ 13
3. Challenges in building an extension. 13
4. Data explorer Code tab exclusion option 12
5. Best Practices to Monitor .EXE Processes 11
6. Verify the ownership of Domain during SSO configuration 9
7. Stopped OneAgent processes keep logging and trying connecting to ActiveGate... 8
8. Upgrade cluster node from micro to other size 7
9. SNMP extension v2 topology awareness 6
10. Android Events and actions 6



💡 The most voted product ideas


# Product ideas Votes Status
1. Unable to retrieve user who manually closed a problem if the closing... 23 Not planned
2. RFE - Alert when a host goes "unmonitored" / improve connection lost alerti... 23 Under review
3. ingest monitoring metrics from OCI (oracle cloud infrastructure) data sourc... 17 New
4. E-Mail notifications 14 New
5. Improved Dashboarding capabilities 14 Under review
6. Honeycomb Visualizations for Data Explorer 14 Started
7. Credential Vault: Ability to use it for storing any kind of Keys/Secrets to... 12 New
8. RFE: Better debugging of advanced HTTP monitor scripts 11 Started
9. Extend Alpine support 11 New
10. RFE: Add additional placeholders in Event description for custom event for ... 10 Completed



🎆 The January challenge overview


The main theme of the January's challenge was the way how and where Dynatrace Community users welcomed New Year. We've received many interesting pictures of various habits and items used to welcome 2022. Click the link below and check the results of January's "New Year's challenge"!


🌟 8 answers submitted


🌟 4 different continens


🌟 5 fireworks pictures


🌟 1 sparklers


🌟 3 fascinating New Year-stories


Curious? Make sure you've taken a look on every New Year's picture shared in the challenge thread!


Screenshot 2022-01-12 at 08.14.03.png


🕘 What's coming soon?


A new month means new pack of improvements you're going to see throughout Dynatrace Community. Some of them are going to be a bit more backstage and play hidden hero role, other you'll surely notice quickly. Take a look at the things that are on the agenda as the most breaking novelties for February!

👉  New welcoming strategy

After research, mockups, tests, and brainstorms, big changes are on the agenda now in terms of the way how new or potentially new users are greeted from their very first steps with the Dynatrace Community. We want to engage them, show them all the greatest benefits of being a registered user, and make them feel at home quickly. Expect some UI and UX changes in that area in the coming weeks!

👉  Refreshment of the Community FAQ section

A need to take a look at the most asked questions isn't only a matter of newbies. This is why we're taking a look at the current shape of this section to address content gaps or dated parts. Purpose? FAQ should be precise and helpful for every user, and based on the latest greatest forum possibilities.

👉  Just a little bit more of Q&A cleanup

Q&A forums are the large pillar of Dynatrace Community and we're happy soon all of them will be more up-to-date and filled with larger feedback. In February, "Getting started" and "Dashboarding" are the forums remaining to check how many threads demand some updates or actions.


👉 Community Events module
Soon, you'll see a brand new forum type called Events. This module will make it super easy to create and run any Community-led events, such as webinars, ask-me-anything sessions, Zoom calls with our super users, and more. If you're interested in using our Community for any kind of webinar, session, knowledge sharing, or feedback collection - reach out and we'll be happy to organize it!


👉 Video interviews with Members of the Month
We're preparing the first video interviews with our most engaged Community members - the winners of the latest Member of the Month awards. No marketing, just a purely natural conversation!


Enjoy this year's shortest month, stay healthy and build Community with us! See you in March!