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Community Team
Community Team

Hello Community, nice to see you again! :dynatrace:


Once the new month of June starts, it's time to pursue our tradition and invite you to our newest newsletter. Have a seat, grab some coffee, and explore everything that should catch your attention in terms of our forum. Take a look at statistics, highlights, updates we've prepared, and the hottest product ideas. To save your time in the busy daily routine, we're collecting all of this data here - in one place! 👇


📈 Dynatrace Community highlights


Screenshot 2022-06-02 at 09.22.59.png



May was an extremely busy month for us. Between workshops and webinars, we were taking care of the Community updates and engagement projects to make it as most up to date as you would expect! Explore what interesting happened throughout our forum's last month! 🤔


👉 We've reached a number of 50,000 registered users in the Dynatrace Community! 🚀


👉 Smoother e-mail templates have been implemented as well. We hope the texts are more user-friendly now!


👉 We've had another successful video interview with one of the latest members of the month - Vishruth Harithsa!

👉 Cleanup - round two has covered more forums! A few months after the last review, which helped find solutions and answers to Q&A threads, we've come back to them. Last month's updates covered these forums: REST API, Alerting, Extensions, and Dashboarding!


👉 We've welcomed another 32 new faces who have actively joined the Dynatrace Community!


🔝 May's top contributors


Screenshot 2022-06-01 at 14.40.50.png


We're so glad our Community is full of so many helpful and engaged people! Thank you: @Balamurugesh, @Julius_Loman, @ChadTurner, @steven, @Kulraj_Atwal, @Bill_Demsky, and @tarjei! Shout out to those users whose names we see on this list for the first time!



👏  Special congratulations


Dynatrace Community is a constantly breathing space, where every day you can catch some new solutions, interesting threads, and passionate discussions. We love to monitor and catch some extraordinary actions for which some users definitely deserve a solid shout-out! 


🌟 @Larry_S for an excellent sense of humor in his latest answer that helped us find a solution.


🌟 @Balamurugesh for fantastic engagement in May with record number of published threads.


🌟 @gopher for valuable engagement in the Feedback channel last month!


🌟 @richard_guerra for delivering another fantastic response to the latest Community challenge!


🌟 @msreddy16 for paying attention to the important error in the Extensions subforum.


🌟 @Babar_Qayyum for exemplary attitude towards users who are starting with Dynatrace!




🏆 Members of the Month


Make sure you've read the latest interviews with extraordinarily engaged Community members and our irreplaceable Dynatracers! Meet them better either from a professional and after-hours perspective! 😎





🏆 Meet this month's Community Member of the Month in the interview!






:dynatrace: Meet this month's Employee Member of the Month in the interview!



🔥 The hottest discussions


Take a look at May's most engaging discussions we've spotted throughout Dynatrace Community!


# Topics Replies
1. Feedback channel for the new opt-in host overview page 31
2. Take the Commuter Challenge! ‌‌ 28
3.  Dimensions filtration - Custom event for alerting 22
4.  Dynatrace Operator: OneAgent image for cloudNativeFullStack 17
5.  Feedback channel for the new Dynatrace iOS/Android Notification App 13
6.  Can I use the resolvedIps from an HTTP Monitor result into a validation? 12
7.  VIP address (or not) for Dynatrace Managed 12
8.  Auto/Manual Tagging for the Queues 12
9.  Cluster 241 Just Messed up every Markdown Tile using links 11
10.  Alerting on a process needing a restart 11



💡 The most voted product ideas


# Product ideas Votes Status
1. [RFE] Allow 'preset' dashboard to be edited by others 31 Under review
2. Data Explorer OS Version breakouts for Mobile apps 31 New
3. support auto user action detection for Android Jetpack Compose 30 Accepted
4. RFE - Dashboard tile with problem list 17 Under review
5. Problem related metrics introduction in Data Explorer 16 New
6. Auto-Update Chromium update on Linux ActiveGate using HTTP Proxy 16 New
7. Instrumenting Quarkus 15 Accepted
8. Add support for spaces in tag values provided by environment variable 15 New​​​​​​​
9. Dynatrace SaaS Version Update Notification 14 New​​​​​​​
10. Support for monitoring Podman on Red Hat 8 13 Under review



🚲 The May challenge overview


Last month's challenge was focused on something on which we differ very much. We've asked Community users how are they commuting in their daily routine, especially when they go to work. Some prefer public transport, others use bikes, motorbikes or cars, having a significant group of remote-workers as well. Explore answers and details of May's "Commuter Challenge"!


The "Commuter" challenge badgeThe "Commuter" challenge badge

🌟 14 answers submitted so far

🌟 Motorbike enjoyers

🌟 Bike passionates

🌟 Public transport enthusiasts



You can still participate! Submit your answer now and tell us how you are commuting daily!




🔥 Threads you need to read!


Take a look at the forum threads that may deserve your attention. Maybe some of them cover aspects you were wondering about, maybe mention errors you've faced as well, and maybe some will make you "eureka"? Explore the list below for this month!


👉 How to trace the requests sent to Dynatrace API?

👉 RFE - Dashboard tile with problem list

👉 Spin up dashboards for multiple devices based on template 


👉 Dynatrace Operator: OneAgent image for cloudNativeFullStack 


👉 Feedback channel for Log Processing


👉 How to differentiate synthetic measurements from differente AGs in the same location? 


👉 Extension 2.0 documentation


👉 New settings 2.0 pages - harder to use - feedback topic




🕘 What's coming soon?


Every Community needs some bigger changes sometimes, especially when they bring the real added value. After cleanups and researches, we're expanding the presence of valuable spaces for our users on the forum. Stay tuned for more - June is going to be huge! 😎


👉 ​​​​​​​Events and webinars - JUNE 2, 2022

We're implementing a brand new section designated for Community Events. Now every conference, webinar, or workshop related to Dynatrace will be available in one space. You'll be able to answer if you want to join, browse the list of attendees and join quickly even without a Zoom account!

👉 An extraordinary Community Challenge for forum helpers - JUNE 14, 2022

We truly appreciate how large and engaged group of forum helpers we're having here in the Dynatrace Community. We can't tell much for now, but stay tuned for the next Community challenge that's going to start later in the half of this month - you'll feel excited!


👉 A Community survey - JUNE 20, 2022

This month, we'll publish a Community survey that will stay open for 2 weeks. Your feedback is crucial for us - only that way we can make the Community a valuable place for you!


👉 A Community Ask-Me-Anything session - JUNE 22, 2022

Thanks to the Events module, we're now able to organize Community webinars for you. Join us in the AMA session about Community! Learn about its features, provide feedback, ask any questions about the team's work. See you there!


👉 A German user group - JUNE 23, 2022

You asked, we're implementing it! Thanks to a close collaboration with one of our German customers, there will be a space in the Community for our German-speaking members! The goal is to share success stories, discuss Dynatrace use cases, and set up meetings! We're looking forward to seeing how this first group will work, and then - expand!

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Way to go everyone! :hands_in_air:

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Congrats everyone @Michal_Gebacki  Thanks for this summary of entire month 🙂