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Community Team
Community Team

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Welcome back, Community friends! 🍂




🆕 Dynatrace Community updates


‌ As some of you have probably already noticed, Dynatrace Community Redesign 2.0 went live! We've changed how a few crucial forum widgets and spaces look, as well as introduced some new functionality. Make sure you're up-to-date with the latest UX&UI changes we've prepared together with our Community Interns :tada:


 We went through all the valuable feedback you shared in the the Community Survey 2023, and prepared a summary article showing the main areas of improvement to our forum we've recognised. Check it our and share your thoughts in the comments 😉


 Our new dedicated forum for Dynatrace Managed has been filled with a lot of interesting content in August. We highly recommend to dive deeply into this space!


 New month has come, so as the new edition of the Developer Newsletter ‌📰 Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and check it out!


🔥 August's hottest discussions



Community topics



easyTravel Documentation and Download 1,251


Dynatrace associate exam preparation 652


Dynatrace Associate certification mock exam 456


Introducing Monaco 2.0 – Dynatrace Configuration as Code 384


HTTP status codes 970-979 339


Product Idea Newsletter for August 2023 318


Take the Gamer Challenge! ‌‌ 257


No module named 'cx_Oracle' 252


Introducing new Kubernetes metrics for improved user experience (and deprec... 250


Take the Guru Challenge!‌‌ ‌ 244



💡 August's product idea updates


Since May 2023, product idea updates have been published in the dedicated Product Idea News! At the beginning of every month, expect a new summary published in the Feedback Channel forum. Explore the latest edition 📰


Product Idea Newsletter Thumbnail - Option 1.png


To get notified about next editions of the newsletter, follow the label ⬇️




👀 Must-see threads


Content you can't miss:


👉 How to coach Dynatrace to a new junior colleague (Plan for the first 3 months) 

👉 Disrupt or be disrupted, the story behind the Dynatrace reinvention

👉 New Dynatrace playground tenant with Grail/New UI



Tips and tricks:


Troubleshooting articles:


👉 How to interact with trusted events in a Browser Clickpath Monitor

👉 How to create Browser Monitor that does not ignore certificate errors

👉 How can I find which ActiveGate my Browser Monitor execution ran on?

👉 HTTP Monitors: How to sign a request for AWS Signature Version 4

Heads-up from Dynatrace:

👉 Memory leak in Node.js OneAgent 1.269

👉 Browser Monitors run on public locations failed for a period of time on 3rd/ 4th July 2023 (Resolved...

👉 Dynatrace CVE status (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures)


Share your feedback:


🗣 Kubernetes log - feedback channel

🗣 Make K8s metadata (labels, annotations, ...) a first-class citizen


🔝 August's top contributors


3. Top users - September 2023.png



We're glad our Community is full of helpful and engaged people! Thank you: 

@natanael_mendes@marina_pollehn@islam_zidan@Iplinsky@vpatre@asant257, and @SOBE!


Additional shout-out to those whose names we see on this list for the first time!


👏  Additional round of applause


🌟 @Pawel_Zalewski, our Community challenge first-timer! As well as @Iplinsky@Malaik@islam_zidan and @Mohamed_Hamdy and other sharing with the Community their candidates for Gurus and making us all a little better with touching and inspiring stories 💫

🌟 @AntonPineiro and @marina_pollehn, for being the most active lurkers on our forum (right after the Community team 😉)

🏆 Members of the Month


4. MOMs - September 2023.png


Make sure to read the latest interviews with our extraordinarily engaged Community member and Dynatracer of the Month! Get to know them better either from a professional or after-hours perspective! 😎


🔎 The August challenge overview


In August we've asked Community users to share the names of people who were important to you on your journey, made a huge impact, or simply inspired you over the years. Let's explore the main details of the Guru Challenge.


The "Guru" badgeThe "Guru" badge


🌟 Impressive 21 answers submitted so far!

🌟 Personal and worldwide known role models!

🌟 A lot of touching stories from users!



Share your role models in the Guru Challenge, it's not over yet!


🗓 Events and webinars in September - save the date!



📅 Thursday, September 7, 2023

👉 Get to Know Dynatrace Demo


📅 Tuesday, September 12, 2023

👉 Office hours for Dynatrace App development


📅 Tuesday, September 12, 2023

👉 Drive Innovation, Speed, and Agility by Upgrading to...


📅 Wednesday, September 20, 2023

👉 Dynatrace INNOVATE | APAC


📅 Wednesday, September 20, 2023

👉 Observable Lightning Talks September 2023


📅 Thursday, September 28, 2023

👉 Progressive Delivery with Feature Flags



🔜 What's to look forward to?


👉  New Community Challenge - September 18, 2023

Engagement in the latest Community Challenges is utterly amazing! We're not slowing down with this format, preparing something exciting in the second half of September. Stay tuned for more informations!


👉 Community Newsletter layout refresh

Community Redesign 2.0 is only a bus stop in the further, exciting trip. In September we're preparing a general update of the Community Newsletter concept, implementing some more unique, innovative, and even more user-friendly features. Expect some "wow" effect very soon 👀



Thanks for being with us! Stay safe in September! 🍁


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Love this!



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DynaMight Legend

great monthly update 🙂 


Thank you 😊