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Recreate the data explorer chart session by means of the new dashboard in Grail



Hi everyone,
is that possible to recreate the chart made in the data explorer session by means of the new dashboard in grail?
The querry that i'm using is this:
where autorizzatorerequestcount is a custom metric splitter by the dimension Dimension...
Obtaining this graph:


I can't find any DQL that fetch those data, is there any way to achive such result?



Community Team
Community Team

Hello @andreaCaria ,
Have you already found the answer to your questions? Let me know; if not, I'll look for someone to help. And if yes - maybe you would like to share the solution with the Community? 😉 

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi @andreaCaria.

Calculated Service metrics are not available in Grail as of yet but will be in the future.

These are the current metrics, but you can get these from our API if required -


This JavaScript snippet below will give you the sum of your Calculated Service Metric in a single value. You can tweak the JavaScript to your needs as required:

import { metricsClient } from '@dynatrace-sdk/client-classic-environment-v2';

// Function to calculate the sum of numbers within values, replacing nulls with 0
function calculateSumOfValues(data) {
  let totalSum = 0;

  data.forEach(service => {
    service.values.forEach(value => {
      totalSum += value !== null ? value : 0;

  return totalSum;

export default async function fetchMetrics() {
  // Assuming dt_timeframe_from holds the timeframe from your site

  const queryParameters = {
    acceptType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
    metricSelector: "**********", //Amend to your Advanced Data Explorer Query
    from: $dt_timeframe_from, // Using template literal to interpolate the variable
    resolution: "10m"
    // Add other parameters as needed: entitySelector, to, etc.

  try {
    const data = await metricsClient.query(queryParameters);
    // Calculate the sum of numbers within values, replacing nulls with 0
    const totalSum = calculateSumOfValues(data.result[0].data);
    console.log("Total sum of values:", totalSum); // Output the total sum
    // Returning the fetched data and the totalSum with the name "totalSum"
    return { data, totalSum };
  } catch (error) {
    // Handle the error gracefully
    console.error("Error fetching metrics:", error);
    throw error;



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