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Getting started

All basic questions answered in one place. A great starting point for new Community members!

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Best practices

A crowd-sourced knowledge base with the best practices shared by the Dynatrace users.

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Dynatrace tips

Various tips, tricks, and workarounds for Dynatrace.

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Resolved! Dynatrace associate exam preparation

Hello,i know there are already discussions about it but i'm preparing for the exam and before doing it i want at least to be sure that i'm doing in the right way.i'm passing the mocking test in DT University with good marks but it doesn't give me tha...

tracemal by Inactive
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Recommend value for SameSite

I have found where to change the SameSite attribute for Dynatrace cookies (, but the documentation doesn't say what value to ...

Resolved! How to download easytravel app?

I am trying to download easytravel from the link but it showing not permitted . What extra rights do I need to download this ?Note: I registered in dynatrace site with business email id and downl...

Resolved! Need education about service analysis

It might seem a little odd request, but I really don’t know where to start.I am fairly new to APM world and Dynatrace is the first tool I’ve used. Because of my modest LAMP stack and JavaScript background I am not total alien to the tool, but when I ...