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Community Team
Community Team

New year, new us – yet with the same (or even bigger!) excitement as last year! With this post, we're launching the celebration of our professional holiday, the Community Manager Appreciation Day, and traditionally extend it to a whole week full of gratitude, fun and games 🎮    

But first, have you noticed that the Community team's appearances have changed slightly, becoming suspiciously similar to those of indie game characters? :face_with_monocle: You can create your own avatar here and join the team! Kudos to Jazzybee for creating this awesome generator! 👏 

So, what's the best way to bring up the festive mood along this journey? By peppering in a little bit of nostalgia! And, before inviting you to live in the here and now, we'd like to invite you to the journey through time, back to 2023. What a year that was!


#1 Our team's and our forum's most significant achievements 🏆  


The Community team welcomed 3 new people (@IzabelaRokita, @MariaKyrychenko, and @KarolWisniewski) this year... and 2 pets! The team now consists of 7 amazing humans caring for three furry friends (as it turns out, we're all cat people!). 


Simone, Axel and Karat - our pet family <3Simone, Axel and Karat - our pet family ❤️


You can share your pet's pictures and stories in the Pet Lover 2.0 Challenge🐾


Two of our team members took on new roles: @Ana_Kuzmenchuk became our Team Captain, and @Karolina_Linda passed the honors of being the Dynatrace Community Manager to @MaciejNeumann (as if becoming our Product Owner last January was not enough of a challenge). 


1. Community Wrapped Quote - Maciej.png


Every year Dynatrace hosts a hackathon-like event called Innovation Day. This year, the Community Team took part in it for the very first time, and... won, ending up among the top 3 teams! The product we built was a prototype of the Community Feed embedded directly into Dynatrace. With the help of our DynaMights, we created something that vowed the audience, so thank you all so much!


3. Community Wrapped Quote - Ana.png


 Our Community Newsletter went through a transformation too, at the hand of our UX magician @Michal_Gebacki  – check it out if you haven’t had a chance yet.


F2D. Community Wrapped Quote - Michał.png



More on the topic of Newsletters, an entirely new one, dedicated to Product Ideas, has been launched last year. You can check all the editions here! We used it to announce that the most-voted product idea ever (272 kudos) has finally made it to the product: Dashboard to PDF 


There are various ranks in the Community, and becoming a Legend, well, that’s... legendary! And last year, we had two of our Community members achieve this glorious title. First, @ChadTurner (you can read more about him & his merits here), just a few months later joined by @Julius_Loman (more about his journey here). Once again – congratulations to both of you! Keep on inspiring all of us here! 👏   


5. Community Wrapped Quote - Agata-1.png


The Community development never stops! Last year is a perfect example of that, as four new sub-forums have appeared: DQL, Dynatrace Managed, Videos, and Heads-up from Dynatrace. Moreover, a completely new category - the Developer Community, has seen the light of day, serving as a playground for the Dynatrace App developers. Check it out!


With the help of our highly engaged interns, we performed the last round (for now) of the Community redesign. You can read more about it here.   


6. Community Wrapped Quote - Mariia + Karol.png


Tightening up our collaboration with other teams and departments was another highlight! Together with the Documentation and Support teams at Dynatrace, we’ve created lots of valuable content to the Troubleshooting sub-forum.


Our Community Team, joined by @Magda_Zarek  , @karolinaboba  and @piotr_szwarc from Documentation team – as you can see, we’re destined to collaborate!Our Community Team, joined by @Magda_Zarek  , @karolinaboba  and @piotr_szwarc from Documentation team – as you can see, we’re destined to collaborate!



#2 The most active and recognizable users in 2023 👨‍💻 👩‍💻   


Each month, we award the Community users who stand out with their activity, expertise, and engagement in two categories: Dynatrace Employee Member, and Customer/Partner/Consultant of the MonthYou can read each 2023 interview here!


CMOM Summary.png

@pahofmann @AurelienGravier  @richard_guerra  @Romanenkov_Al3x  @Mohamed_Hamdy  @jegron  @michiel_otten  @islam_zidan  @Viachaslau  @marina_pollehn  @radek_jasinski  @AntonioSousa 


EMOM Summary.png

 @arturo_mondelo  @yngwie_lucero  @Joachim_Erdei @PennyScully  @Tom_Eaton  @abhi  @nadeem_m  @kevins  @stefanie_pachne  @sinisa_zubic  @HannahM  @victor_balbuena  


Congratulations to all of you once again! 👏


#3 The most popular Community content from 2023 📈  


Lots of new amazing content was created in our Community last year, yet we'd like to spotlight the best of the best, and invite you to check it out, if it somehow slipped your attention 👇    





Open Q&A 

New Dynatrace Docs  

Entity Selector 

Latest Dynatrace - Early Feedback 

Real User Monitoring 

📢 Support ending for the Chrome and MS Edge browser extension by January 2024 

📢 Support ending for MS Internet Explorer versions 7-10, and older JavaScript frameworks on May 9th...  

Dynatrace High CPU consumption 


Create Custom alerts - OneAgent 

Understanding the High CPU Throttling Alert  

Metric event alerting  


How to delete a custom metric? 

X-Dynatrace header in Kafka in a readable format  

Split requests from a built-in metric by request name  

Container platforms 

Kubernetes(K8s) - Classic Full stack vs Cloud Native approach  

Troubleshoot Kubernetes ErrorImagePullBackOff  

Kubernetes Activegate error  


The most popular Product Ideas created in 2023 in terms of Votes: 





Product Ideas 

Tenant overview of Limits 

Associate only problems that have contributed to a degradation of the SLO  

Make K8s metadata (labels, annotations, ...) a first-class citizen  


The most popular Community Challenges of 2023 in terms of user entries: 





Community Challenges 

The Gamer Challenge! ‌🎮 

The Cinemaniac Challenge! 📽 

The "Taste From the Past" Challenge! 🍽 



2. Community Wrapped Quote - Iza.png



#4 Our Community in Numbers – 2023 summary 📊   


Let’s wrap up this article with some data! They perfectly reflect our efforts and the amazing work all our Community members do regarding their forum activity and engagement.

Most important Dynatrace Community stats from 2023Most important Dynatrace Community stats from 2023


Thank you for joining us on our reminiscing journey! And see you tomorrow, with the next activity we've prepared 😉


The Community Manager Appreciation Week schedule:

January 22: Community Wrapped 
January 23: Community Crossword 
January 24: Community Dundies 
January 26: Online Charades with the Community! Join the event 🗓 



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