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Community Team
Community Team

2. Community highlights - January 2023.png


Welcome back in the new year, dear Community friends! 🎆



🆕 Dynatrace Community updates


👉  We've summed up the results of 2022 in the Dynatrace Community in our first announcement of the new year!

👉 Q&A Forums received extensive review in December. We payed extra attention to outdated and unanswered threads, to make your browsing through the Community even smoother!

👉 An overview of the revised label structure used throughout the Community has been posted in the Community User Guide. Now shared across all Dynatrace Self-service Support teams! 

👉 Another part of redesign went live: the layout of user profile has been adjusted to the new visual identification of our forum!

👉 German User Group has risen to fantastic 75 members, while the second most popular Hungarian User Group grew to 25 participants - keep it up, Community Friends!

👉 Troubleshooting forum is full of new content and valuable questions, explore them all!


👉 Gift codes for Members of the Month will be up to $100! 


🔥 December's hottest discussions



Community topics



easyTravel Documentation and Download 1,109


Dynatrace associate exam preparation 527


Introducing new Kubernetes metrics for improved user experience (and deprec... 326


Take the 2022 Rewind Challenge! ‌ 309


What does Network IO time mean? 305


Dynatrace associate certification mock exam  300


How to export the data into CSV 241


Getting Http 400 error while pushing Jenkins build event to Saas cluster  226


No module named 'cx_Oracle' 216


Dynatrace technology support roadmap 211



💡 December's product idea updates


# Product idea name Votes Updated status
1. RFE : Problem notification webhook support Oauth2 22 Planned
2. Percentiles for Calculated Service Metric: Need for percentiles base on request attributes, response... 20 Planned
3. Global setting of Block specific Request in Synthetic 20 Accepted
4. Ability to turn off screenshot on a synthetic step 15 Accepted
5. Be able to create folders for dashboards 15 Not planned
6. [RFE] - Dynatrace Saas and webhook integration with private access 15 Planned
7. Better Healthchecks for Synthetic ActiveGates when Installed, and even After Installation 14 Under review
8. RFE: Enable ability to search on bind variables in DT Managed 14 Under review
9. RFE: Export/Import list of user groups and permissions of each group 14 Not planned
10. GraphQL query detection 14 Completed
11. Availability Report - Custom Period 12 Completed
12. Custom Colors for Health Tiles in Dashboard 11 Under review
13. light4j Framework Support 11 Under review
14. Instance detection of IBM WebSphere Application Server running on z/OS 10 Indirectly addressed
15. Support for Request attribute source - Java method parameter(s) for Websphere Liberty running on z/o... 10 Indirectly addressed
16. Server/Host UPTIME Monitoring 10 Started
17. RFE: Enable HTTP monitors from public locations 10 Completed
18. Decouple vulnerability feed index updates from automatic cluster updates flag in mission control 9 Completed
19. Ability to search for Tags when it comes to Kubernetes Elements (Labels) (i.e.: Pods) 9 Accepted
20. [Kubernetes] - Limitation in Cloud Native Full Stack Mode 9 Indirectly addressed
21. Info bubble for widgets 8 Accepted
22. Schedule a Synthetic execution in a crontab way 8 Completed
23. Alerts on system notifications 7 Accepted
24. Clear identification of last execution Analysis, location assigned, and time frame for Synthetics 7 Completed
25. Add a "Set additional secure HTTP headers" toggle that treats header value boxes like password boxes 7 Under review



👀 Must-see threads


We need your feedback:


👉 Generic logs ingest API - flexible way to analyse your data with Logs powered by Grail

👉 Data explorer + dashboarding roadmap update CQ4/2022

👉 Feedback channel for Kubernetes Services


Tips and tricks:


👉 PRO TIP - New Hex Code Color Picker!

👉 New Account Management... with consumption forecast!! And Adoption insights!




👉 Memory/CPU overhead after installing OneAgent| basic troubleshooting


👉 Why can't I see the Database calls/ Database entry in the databases section?

👉 Android and iOS: User tagging issues

👉 How do I locate OneAgent log files in Linux host?



...and many more! Check out other posts in Throubleshooting sub-forum.



🔝 December's top contributors


3. Top users - January 2023.png


We're so glad our Community is full of helpful and engaged people! Thank you: 

@Selvam_Sekar@AurelienGravier@Julius_Loman@Kenny_Gillette@Mizső@tarun_kumar_aga, and @pahofmann

Additional shout-out to those whose names we see on this list for the first time!



👏  Additional round of applause


🌟 @Viachaslau for providing a fantastic workaround to their own question asked 4 months earlier!

🌟 Special kudos to @Julius_Loman for being unstoppable with great content and help, especially for the latest protip to a widely asked question by Managed users - how to set up multiple proxies!

🌟 @roushan_kumar1  for starting a discussion and then sharing a valuable solution a little bit later!

🌟 @AurelienGravier@RazTN7@ArminHopf, and @rgarzon1 for joining a fantastic group of Community Challenges participants in the latest 2022 Rewind, hope we'll meet again in this section soon!

🌟 @ToddBuckwalter for one of the most touching profile descriptions we've seen to this day!


🌟 @CMEL for founding courage to post in the Community for the first time! Way to go!  

🌟 @BrianBaldwin@tarun_kumar_aga and @robert_pommrich for authoring three of the most upvoted product ideas of December! 

🌟 Our beloved DynaMights and everyone who voted for Dynatrace Community in CMX Community Industry Awards 2023. Even though we didn't get to the finals, we already won the best prize of all 💚


🌟 Our beloved @ChadTurner for being our first DynaMight Legend! Well deserved, hoping to see even more of you in 2023! 😉 Stay awesome!



🏆 Members of the Month


4. MOMs - January 2023.png


Make sure to read the latest interviews with our extraordinarily engaged Community member and Dynatracer of the Month! Get to know them better either from a professional or after-hours perspective! 😎



🔎 The December challenge overview


At the end of the year, we've asked our Community Members to share with others their most exciting accomplishments and achievements of 2022. It started one of the most exciting and attention-worthy discussions in the latest months, will many priceless memories!

The "Rewinder" badgeThe "Rewinder" badge


🌟 23 answers submitted, both from Dynatracers and the Community members

🌟 Bigger and smaller accomplishments 

🌟 Breakthrough achievements


Submit your answer to the 2022 Rewind Challenge!



🗓 Events and webinars - save the date!


event DT.png


 📅 Wednesday, January 11, 2023

👉 Participate

event DT-2.png


 📅 Wednesday, January 18, 2023

👉  Participate

event DT-3.png


 📅 Wednesday, January 18, 2023
👉 Participate

event DT-4.png


 📅 Thursday, January 19, 2023

👉 Participate 



🔜 What's to look forward to?


👉 Dynatrace Managed Product Ideas extensive review

As you may have noticed, we're running Product Idea reviews on a regular basis, and this time we'd like to focus on ideas without any status in the Dynatrace Managed area. This label is so popular it deserves some extra attention!


👉  Getting Started forum cleanup

We have all been newcomers once, and we still remember how important it was to have a safe place for asking all kinds of questions at the beginning of our journey. That's why we're planning an extensive review of our Getting started forum in the upcoming months with a goal to verify content's usability and validity. Stay tuned!


👉 Community Manager Appreciation Day & Community Dundies

Have you seen "The Office"? We sure hope so! If you have, you surely would be thrilled to hear that this year we are planning to join two awesome occasions and celebrate both the Community Team and our precious community members together! Stay tuned for our own version of the "Dundies" awards in the beginning of 2023 😉


👉  New exciting Community Challenge - JANUARY 17, 2023

Watch out for the next Community Challenge, which will be published right in the middle of this month. We don't want to spoil too much, but it promises to be as exciting as always! 



🗣 Next AMA Session - don't miss!


I 1.png




We will speak about how to post, format, and label questions in a way to reduce the time to get answers. 

👉 Submit your participation!



Have a wonderful 2023 year, it'll all be alright! 🎆