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Community Team
Community Team

Great to see you again, dear members of the Dynatrace Community! :dynaspin:


After super-short February, we're welcoming you with another fresh pack of statistics, highlights, summaries and other interesting stuff we've prepared for you for March. This month is extremely important for us as a Community team: we'll be implementing a significant number of UI updates you already can see throughout our forum - don't forget to check below what exactly has changed!


📈 Dynatrace Community highlights

Screenshot 2022-03-15 at 15.06.14.png


What's more, Dynatrace Community gained a nice package of improvements, novelties, and updates which deserve attention. Take a look what we've implemented in the recent weeks which might be interesting for you 👀


👉 We've announced the 2022 Community Rock Star Awards!


👉 We've published the first video interview with Dane Aguiar!


👉 We are ready to bring back the email notifications for labels - they'll be available later this week!


👉 A new feature has been added: now you can browse the list of subscribed labels.


👉 The option to filter labels by a product idea status is also finally available for you.


IMPORTANT! The shutdown of the classic product forums is coming ‼️ The old era has reached its end. The Classic products forum category is going to be switched off after March 31st, 2022.



🔝 February's top contributors

Screenshot 2022-03-07 at 14.51.37.png

We're so glad our Community is so full of helpful, engaged, and open-minded people! Shout out especially to those users whose names we see on this list for the first time! Thank you everyone: @henk_stobbe@r_weber@mgome@dannemca@STiAT@Romanenkov_Alex and @herrmann_andrew



👏  Special congratulations


We are happy our Community consists of so many people who stand out with their helping attitude, creativity, and constant will to develop our forum as a hub of knowledge. Check out who deserved recently some special kudos!


🌟 Daniel Stanizzo for providing a quality help in the RUM forum:

Number of distinct users


🌟 Kyle Moyer for super-valuable insights submitted in this thread: 
RFE: Possibility of file upload in synthetic tests in the new tenant (SaaS)


🌟 Peter Ralston for submitting interesting product idea:

[Observability] Business Service / Work Flows profiles for Metrics, Problems (alerting) and SLOs


🌟 Henk Stobbe for super-valuable knowledge sharing we've noticed in these threads: 
Again a surprise in Dynatrace, key requestsNice to know, application detection rule failes 


🌟 Julius Loman for sharing an extension here:
Folder Monitoring In Dynatrace


🌟 Sujit, and Rajesh Gandhe for submitting inspiring answers in recent challenge:

Take the Surprise Challenge!



🏆 Members of the Month


Make sure you've taken a look at our latest interviews with irreplaceable employees and Community members! Meet them both from professional and a little bit more after-hours perspective! 😎




🏆 Meet this month's Community Member of the Month in the interview!





:dynatrace: Meet this month's Employee Member of the Month in the interview!



🔥 The hottest discussions

Take a look at the last month's most engaging discussions in the Dynatrace Community!


# Topics Replies
1. Take the Surprise Challenge! 41
2. Configuration-less Advanced SSL Certificate Check Plugin 22
3. Feedback channel for the (local) self-monitoring of Dynatrace Managed 12
4. Un-monitor unwanted services 12
5. F5 extension (snmp V1.0.4) is pulling data but dashboard not shown information 12
6. Who recognizes below DB2 extension error 10
7. Take the New Year's Challenge 9
8. Folder Monitoring In Dynatrace 8
9. DEM Consumption reporting difference 8
10. NetTracer metric collection and further integration with OneAgent



💡 The most voted product ideas


# Product ideas Votes Status
1. [RFE] Improve Maintenance UI 42 Accepted
2. RFE: Possibility of file upload in synthetic tests in the new tenant (SaaS) 34 Accepted
3. Vulnerability Report - In Report Section 24 New
4. RFE - Expanded Thresholds for Data Explorer 22 New
5. Maintenance Windows page needs more functions 21 New
6. Honeycomb Visualizations for Data Explorer 20 Completed
7. Configuring queues to management zones 19 Under review
8. InfraOnly Tag on processes to help understand covering scope and alerting... 18 New
9. Non Admins should not see yellow banner 17 Started
10. Please make it possible to change the PGI name for processes that belong... 17 New



❤️ The February challenge overview


In February, we organized another monthly challenge, this time dubbed the "Surprise Challenge"! It was extremely successful, gaining second largest number of responses in the history of Community challenges! Take a look at some numbers below!


The "Dynatrace lover" badgeThe "Dynatrace lover" badge🌟 20 fascinating answers submitted

🌟 15 answers from Community users

🌟 5 answers from people of Dynatrace crew

🌟 Endlessly interesting stories!


It's not too late - submit your answer now and tell us what made you love Dynatrace in the thread!



🔥 Threads you need to read!


👉 Perform 2022: Community Rock Star Awards


👉 [Survey] What would be your choice of CentOS replacement?


👉 Markus Englund is collecting feedback in Looking for APM users


👉 Dashboard/Data explorer tips - volume 1


👉 Regex for session property?


👉 DEM Consumption reporting difference



🕘 What's coming soon?


As always, for upcoming weeks we're preparing a lot of exciting improvements and changes which you should be aware of! Some of them will improve user's experience, other will help in more behind-the-scenes way and some you wouldn't even spot initially. Take a look what's changing throughout the Dynatrace Community in March!


👉 ​​​​​Join the Community page​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​We want to encourage newcomers and potential new users to join the Community through the brand new, dedicated page. Through clicking the "How to join?" button everyone who hasn't logged in to their account yet, will be redirected. Welcoming page is going to include all the greatest sides of the Community: variety of content, users around the world, easy joining path and special program for super-users. 


👉 Redesigned home page

Every community needs some refreshment on a regular basis. We're preparing some UI and UX improvements to the Community home page to make it even more engaging. We're aware how different user intentions may be and thus we want to deliver them even more personalized experience. Stay tuned for the further updates - some big changes are coming up!

👉 Videos with interviews

After the conversation with Dane Aguiar, another great and inspiring interviews with our Members of the Month are on the cards! Wait for them in the Community news section.

👉 Update of the Community user guide

Following the research, the user guide for Community members is going to gain some essential updates and new visual elements to be up-to-date and as helpful it's possible.



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