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Let's welcome May's new members of the Community!

Hello Community! It's time to welcome warmly the newbies of the May, who already have actively participated in the Dynatrace Community. It's lovely to see how every month this forum is gaining new mem...


The Community News for May 2022

Welcome back, dear Community! Being up to date is a priceless privilege. We know how busy you all are, that's why we're collecting all the essential updates every month in one place! Just a few minute...


Announcing the Employee Member of the Month for May 2022

We are excited to introduce to you the Employee Member of the Month for May - Mateusz Marek. @mateusz_marek from the Dynatrace Gdansk Lab is a Senior Software Engineer & Product Owner who does his bes...


Let's welcome April's new members of the Community!

Hello Community! As some of you might've noticed already, Dynatrace Community grows constantly every month. April has started a little bit more than 1 week ago, but it already welcomed more than 200 u...


The Community Super user group is growing!

We’re extremely proud and excited that new Community members have joined DynaMights - a Dynatrace Community recognition program. We appreciate the activity of all Community members as we’re committed ...


The Community News for April 2022

Welcome in April, friends of Dynatrace Community! As the new month approaches, we're introducing you to everything that may catch your attention in regard to community updates. Check out the hottest a...


Gerald Haydtner: Interview with the Member of the Month

We're eager for you to learn more about our Dynatrace Employee Member of the Month for January 2022, Gerald Haydtner! @ghaydtner - Senior Digital Marketing Manager - helped during the migration of our...


Let's welcome March's new members of the Community!

Hello everyone! Our Community consequently grows by around 400 new members each month. We would love to make everyone feel welcomed and satisfied with the Dynatrace Community - because this place and ...


Community update: label notifications are back!

It took a while, but they are finally here - label notifications are back! You can now subscribe to every label in every subforum in the Dynatrace Community and each time a new content appears about i...


The Community News for March 2022

Great to see you again, dear members of the Dynatrace Community! After super-short February, we're welcoming you with another fresh pack of statistics, highlights, summaries and other interesting stuf...


Community updates - March 4, 2022

Hello Dynatrace Community! It has been exactly a year since we moved to the new Community engine. As a sort of anniversary gift , we are presenting to you a bunch of UI/UX changes that we will introdu...


Perform 2022 on-demand

Hi everyone, You can now find all Perform keynotes and breakout sessions on-demand here: To log in, use your credentials from Perform registration. Happ...


Perform 2022: Community Rock Star Awards

Dear Dynatrace Community, It's with great pleasure to announce that this year's Community Rock Star Awards go to @ChadTurner and @AntonioSousa! If you're a frequent Community visitor, you know both th...


The Community News for February 2022

Hurry up while this shortest month of the year is not over yet! What's up Community? We're so happy to meet with you again in February, taking this opportunity before those 20 days left would pass so ...


Merging "Roadmaps" subforum with the "Feedback channel"

Hello Community!Almost a year ago, we've introduced a new structure for the Dynatrace Community. We've created a lot of new subforums, such as "Alerting" or "Extensions", so every user can easily find...


CMAD 2022: Stats and fun facts, part 5

Dear Dynatrace Community, We hope you enjoyed celebrating the Community Management Appreciation Week with us In the last post from the stats and facts series, we'd like to share some professional fact...


CMAD 2022: Stats and fun facts, part 4

Hello, Community! Today, we want to show you the Community team after work, behind the scenes During the pandemic, when it's so hard to meet others in person, we use every opportunity we have to celeb...


CMAD 2022: Stats and fun facts, part 3

Hi, Community! Any surprises in Stats and fun facts, part 1 or Stats and fun facts, part 2? This time, we want to shed more light on the Community team's activity in the Community! In total: We author...