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Community Team
Community Team

Yesterday, we introduced you to the Community team, but we're not the only people working hard on making our Community great. Today, we’d like to highlight those who deserve an additional round of applause. Those, who actively contribute to our Community's growth and development.

Day 3 Community Advocates.png

Community advocates, who are they?

Every Community member who helps our Community grow and be a better place by sharing their experience, their knowledge, and by looking for opportunities to learn themselves, is a Community advocate in a way. We really appreciate it, and that’s why we want to say THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU, dear Community members 🤗 Thank you for every kudo and for every post and comment! You're unique and do a fantastic job!

And among this incredible crowd, there are people who regularly put in a lot of work and commitment to the Community. We would like to highlight their contribution and make them stand out even more. 

Let’s start with our...

 Members of the Month

So many great people from both inside Dynatrace, but as well Dynatrace customers and partners from other companies. It was great to get to know you better and see who hides behind the avatars that we can see on Community every day!

Community Members of The Month

Employee Members of The Month
2022 December Henk Stobbe, @henk_stobbe  2022 December J. C. Punongbayan, @jellypuno 
2022 November János Mizsei, @Mizső  2022 November Mark Bley, @mark_bley 
2022 October Götz Diener, @g_diener 
2022 October Andre Fritsch, @andre_f 
2022 September Toshimasa Shirai, @Shirai 
2022 September Jason Ostroski, @jason_ostroski 
2022 August Alicia Pepper, @alicia_pepper  2022 August Diego Morales, @diego_morales 
2022 July Erick Echwallah, @echwallah  2022 July Fin Ubels, @Fin_Ubels 
2022 June Sujit Sing, @Sujit 
2022 June Kunal Gawde, @techean 
2022 May Ingrida Tamosaityte, @Ingrida 
2022 May Mateusz Marek, @mateusz_marek 
2022 April Pedro Deodato, @PedroDeodato 
2022 April Jerome Thomas, @jerome_thomas 
2022 March Matthias Dillie, @matthias_dillie  2022 March Uros Djukic, @uros_djukic1 
2022 February Gil Givati, @gilgi 
2022 February Thomas Wirth, @Thomas_Wirth1 
2022 January Kenneth Gillette, @Kenny_Gillette  2022 January Gerald Haydtner, @ghaydtner 


Another fantastic group of people to mention are DynaMights, the Dynatrace Community Super Users, who are indeed... superb! 😀 They’re our experts who provide crucial feedback, content, and ideas for improvement for the Dynatrace platform and self-services around it. As a thank-you from the Community team, they have some extra perks such as moderation rights and private messaging 😉

It's worth mentioning that both Members of the Month and DynaMights are the stars of our Community videos: "Observability clinic: tips and tricks" with Andreas Grabner, and Community talks. We admire that you took the challenge to step out of your comfort zone to make such excellent materials! :muscle:

Community Advocates

And last but not least, we'd like to give a shout-out to some individuals who we feel act as Community advocates on a daily basis, helping us improve and promote Community. We'd like to thank them for their active participation both in the Community, but also behind the scenes, and highlight their contributions!

Name and surname

Job title / Company

Help with the Community redesign
Nick Bence, @nick_bence  Dynatrace, UX Designer
Kevin Strzelczyk, @kevins  Dynatrace, Associate UI/UX Director
Ryan Kershner, @ryan_kershner  Dynatrace, Senior Manager, User Experience (UX) & Digital Systems

Common tagging initiative - helping with the structure of labels in the Community
Gerald Holl, @gerald_  Dynatrace, Principal Product Manager, Supportability
Gabriele Hasson-Birkenmayer, @GabrieleHB  Dynatrace, Product Manager, Platform
Gerald Haydtner, @ghaydtner  Dynatrace, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, SEO

Heads up from the R&D initiative
Michal Bojko, @MichalBojko  Dynatrace, Director Software Development & Lab Lead Gdansk

Heads up from R&D initiative and Troubleshooting
Klaus Prueckl, @Klaus_Prueckl  Dynatrace, Director, Technical Support
Bo Jia, @bo_jia  Dynatrace, Director, Technical Support

Heads up from R&D initiative and superior activity in the Community
Hannah Masterson, @HannahM  Dynatrace, Principal Tech. Supp. Engineer

Heads up from R&D initiative and Troubleshooting
Stefanie Pachner, @stefanie_pachne  Dynatrace, Principal Tech. Supp. Engineer
Oliver Pillwein, @OliverP  Dynatrace, Global Program Director

Putting huge effort into properly starting the Troubleshooting forum
Jessielaine Punongbayan, @jellypuno  Dynatrace, Sr. Technical Support Engineer
Adham Sabry, @adham_sabry  Dynatrace, Technical Enablement Manager
Kanako Sato, @kanako_sato  Dynatrace, Senior Technical Support Engineer
Dominikus Randy, @dominikus_randy  Dynatrace, Technical Support Engineer
Bharat Pitta, @bharat_pitta  Dynatrace, Senior Technical Support Engineer
Xu Guo, @xu_guo  Dynatrace, Senior Technical Support Engineer
Akram Ismail Mohamed Naguib ElKhangy, @akram_elkhangy  Dynatrace, Senior Technical Support Engineer
Jong Hyun Park, @jonghpark  Dynatrace, Technical Support Engineer

Driving the Troubleshooting initiative and building bridges between various support resources
Anton Goosen, @anton_goosen  Dynatrace, Senior Principal, Go-to-market (previously, VP of Technical Support)

Secret Community Forum
Robert Axelsen, @robaxelsen  Dynatrace, Manager, Platform Enablement
Sinisa Zubic, @sinisa_zubic  Dynatrace, Platform Developer Advocate
Penny Scully, @PennyScully  Dynatrace, Platform Developer Advocate
Christian Barth, @christian_barth  Dynatrace, Platform Developer Advocate

Being the unbeatable #1 in terms of complex and fast feedback on any product ideas
and being proactive, focused on the voice of the customer
Thomas Ziegelbecker, @zietho  Dynatrace, Senior Product Manager

Always there for Community members and the Community team
Radoslaw Szulgo, @Radoslaw_Szulgo  Dynatrace, Senior Product Manager

Quick and quality feedback on product ideas and Q&A threads, always
Mike Lundstrom, @Mike_L  Dynatrace, Practice Director - Services

Great idea to proactively engage developers while using Community
Josef Schiessl, @josef_schiessl  Dynatrace, Manager Software Development

Overall help and feedback about the support
Thomas Eaton, @Tom_Eaton  Dynatrace, Senior Consultant

Fantastic activity in Community challenges, showing an exciting private side of Dynatracer's lives
Moe Azuz, @Mo_Azuz  Dynatrace, Lead Consultant
Kurt Aigner, @kurt_aigner  Dynatrace, Director Product Management

Promoting the Dynatrace Community and its users through videos
Andreas Grabner, @andreas_grabner  Dynatrace, Fellow Technology Strategist

Taking the challenge to create video materials
Patrick Hoffman, @pahofmann  Dynatrace Partner, 360Performance
Antonio Sousa, @AntonioSousa  Dynatrace Partner, Marketware
Sebastian Krystosik, @skrystosik  Dynatrace Partner, Spica Solutions
Adam Gardner, @adam_gardner  Dynatrace, Staff Engineer
Danne Aguiar, @dannemca  Dynatrace Partner, Kyndryl
Julius Loman, @Julius_Loman  Dynatrace Partner, Alanata
Reinhard Weber, @r_weber  Dynatrace Partner,  360Performance
Gil Givati, @gilgi  Dynatrace Partner, Matrix
Fin Ubels, @Fin_Ubels  Dynatrace, Consultant, ACE Services
Vishruth Harithsa, @theharithsa  Dynatrace, Enterprise Program Manager
Kunal Gawde, @techean  Dynatrace, Enterprise Architect and Solution Evangelist
Gerald Haydtner, @ghaydtner  Dynatrace, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, SEO

Promoting Community and focus on the voice of the customer
Michael Winkler, @michaelwinkler  Dynatrace, Senior Principal, Go-to-market, Cloud Automation
Hannah Lane, @hannah_lane  Dynatrace, Global Customer Advocacy Manager

Common Dynatrace website navigation
Frederic Koeberl, @frederickoeberl  Dynatrace, Senior Web Developer

Promoting Community on Dynatrace social media channels
John Rocker, @john_rocker  Dynatrace, Director, Social Media
Kerry Monahan, @Kerrymonahan  Dynatrace, Social Media Specialist

Helping our DynaMights grow through the Dynatrace University resources
Melissa Boehling, @MelissaBoehling  Dynatrace, Program Manager, Dynatrace University

Helping us to understand developers and their needs better
Mateusz Kacprzak, @MateuszKacprzak  Dynatrace, Senior Software Engineer & Team Captain

For promoting Community among the Partner network
April Slattery  Dynatrace, Partner Marketing Manager, Content & Communications
Ayeesha Monteiro, @ayeesha_monteir  Dynatrace, Global Partner Marketing Analyst
Steph Brunet, @StephBrunet  Dynatrace, EMEA Partner Marketing Mgr

Providing continuous feedback
Andrew Moore, @The_AM  Dynatrace, Architect


Thank you once again, all Community members!
And as in unity we’re stronger, let’s grow together to make this place even better!

Your Community Team ❤️