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Community Team
Community Team

Welcome back, dear Community! :dynatrace:


Being up to date is a priceless privilege. We know how busy you all are, that's why we're collecting all the essential updates every month in one place! Just a few minutes are needed to catch up with April's most important statistics, updates, highlights, and some exciting things that are coming soon. What's worth knowing? Find  the answer below!👇


📈 Dynatrace Community highlights


Screenshot 2022-05-06 at 11.31.31.png




April brought us a bunch of important updates and changes that are crucial for the Community development. Take a look what happened last month throughout our platform, maybe something has already caught your attention! 😎


👉 Bonus points assigned to each user are now visible in the user profile!


👉 Following the plan, now the classic product forums are gone for good! If you still need access to the recent downloads for NAM and AppMon, or you miss the old knowledge base, it's all hidden under this link.

👉 The group of Community super users is growing - in April, we welcomed 7 new DynaMights!

👉 We've finally organized a Q&A Zoom session between PMs and Community challenge participants who had a chance to learn more about Kubernetes and Dynatrace Managed.

👉 It's always good to remind the good practices - we've posted an article on how to effectively attach images to posts in the Community.


👉 We've done the last of the great research, now to clean up the Synthetic Monitoring forum from dated and irrelevant content.

👉 Cleanup - round two has started. We're taking care of the newer content to improve the number of threads with help or solutions provided!


👉 We've welcomed 33 new actively engaged users on the board of Dynatrace Community!



🔝 April's top contributors


Screenshot 2022-05-06 at 12.11.39.png


We're so glad our Community consists of so many helpful peeps! Shout out especially to those users whose names we see on this list for the first time! Thank you: @Juwei_Zhang1@AntonioSousa@Julius_Loman@Kenny_Gillette@Andy_Tommo@leonard_lunardi and @dannemca!



👏  Special congratulations


Our Community is full of creative and helpful people who stand out with extraordinary engagement. Those people  have crucial impact on the further growth of the Community and the Dynatrace platform. For May, we send our shout-outs to the Community friends mentioned below! 


🌟 @VERA & @cregla for cool product ideas: Dashboarding for problems and max user action/min is lost





🌟 @MariusNicolae for sharing an interesting extension thread: Events API V2



🏆 Members of the Month


Make sure you've read the latest interviews with extraordinarily engaged Community members and our irreplaceable Dynatracers! Meet them better either from professional and after-hours perspective! 😎






🏆 Meet this month's Community Member of the Month in the interview!







:dynatrace: Meet this month's Employee Member of the Month in the interview!



🔥 The hottest discussions


Take a look at the April's most engaging discussions we've spotted throughout Dynatrace Community!



# Topics Replies
1. Feedback channel for the new opt-in host overview page 109
2. Data explorer + dashboarding 🗣 feedback 🛋 lounge 32
3. Monitoring one Agent and alerting if one agent alone is stopped (...) 14
4.  Which metric hold the information regarding mobile current/live users count? 14
5.  Take the Inspector Gadget Challenge! ‌💡 14
6.  Activegate not starting 12
7.  OpenTelemetry tracing with dotnet DiagnosticSource 10
8.  Custom metrics does not show 9
9.  OpenShift Resource quotas across multiple projects metric 9
10.  Network devices monitoring via SNMP extensions: early feedback wanted 8



💡 The most voted product ideas


# Product ideas Votes Status
1. Dashboarding for problems 29 Accepted
2. [RFE] Add Support for Dynamic Untertow HTTP Requests 23 New
3. RFE-Introduce "Export to CSV" options from USQL UI 23 New
4. Enhance synthetic notification when monitor goes to disable state. 21 New
5. Support for Redis Client 19 Accepted
6. Support for CLRIE 15 New
7. Holiday calendar in Dynatrace 15 New
8. Log v2 / Log viewer: displaying and exporting 1000+ log records 13 Under review
9. RFE - Make SQL Literal Masking configurable 12 New​​​​​​​
10. RFE - Support for Kong Enterprise Gateway 12 Under review



👨‍🍳 The April challenge overview


In April, we've asked the Dynatrace Community to share with us their favorite gadgets considered to be super-helpful and extraordinary. Reading the answers submitted to the latest "Inspector Gadget challenge" you'll learn how various items can be a source of happiness or even a way to pursue passions! What are the most interesting details of this challenge?


The "Inspector Gadget" challengeThe "Inspector Gadget" challenge

🌟 18 inspiring answers submitted so far

🌟 Smart home lovers

🌟 Helpful gadget enjoyers

🌟 Music, tech, cooking, 3D printing and space passionates!


🌟 Numerous inspirations!



You can still participate! Submit your answer now and share your gadgets in the thread!




🔥 Threads you need to read!


👉 Explore the best practices for uploading images on Community

👉 Holiday calendar in Dynatrace

👉 Ask me Anything: Dynatrace & OpenTelemetry

👉 Data explorer + dashboarding 🗣 feedback 🛋 lounge

​​​​​​​👉 Dashboarding for problems

👉 How to get total memory (RAM) per host?

👉 Max user action/min is lost

👉 How to get the absolute value of a metric in a graph?




🕘 What's coming soon?


We're not slowing down in may! Despite busy time, including group trip of Community Team to the workshop in Austrian Dynatrace Vienna Lab, we're preparing a lot of exciting novelties. Stay tuned and be aware what is coming on! 😃


👉 ​​​​​​​Further progress in the Q&A forums cleanup, stage two

After long and complex research of the forums we made in December 2021, we've eliminated most of the outdated content. However, time moves on and there are still plenty of threads demanding some attention, feedback, or direct help. We're now reviewing the Real User Monitoring and REST API forums.

👉 The Events module will be finally there!

It took almost two months to go through security checks and we now have a green light to integrate Community Events with our Zoom. You can expect regular Community Ask-Me-Anything sessions and other Community-led events soon!

👉 Improved formula of the Community challenges

Nothing's perfect, so the Community team is preparing a brainstorm to make well-known challenges we're dropping every month even better. More extraordinary themes? New gratification for participants? Or maybe something even more exciting to keep the interest big? Who knows...